Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Life update

I am literally having the worst time. I didn't want the whine, but wahhh! 
So, i usually get paid every Friday, but last week the manager forgot. Yay. Clearly had the best weekend everrrrrr then. Nope. Moped around all weekend, had my period to top it off and just meh. Yesterday i moved offices and i HATE it so much. I used to have a small cupboard but it was alone, and this open plan and horrid. Good times.
Then today to make sure i am having that much if a crap time, workmen started digging the whole road at home,'so there's no where to park. So i had to leave my car at work, and will have to walk in the morning. Literally sobbing. 
I know this is a moaning get over it sort of post, i'll be back with some usual blogtober thing tomorrow. But for now i sign off with a "sob" "boo" and "wahhh" x

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