Saturday, 22 October 2016

Kylie Pumpkin

As you may have seen on my instagram, i recieved Pumpkin lipkit this week from the Kylie Cosmetucs fall collection i ordered. 
Ok, so when i opened it i thought "fuck thats orange! Like BRIGHT orange" meep! I wanted a burnt dusty orange really from Pumpkin. So just popped it away at work until bedtime where i braved a try on. 
I only bloody LOVE it!! It is exactly the shade i wanted from Pumpkin! That colour of pumpkin pie you see. So great. The liner is gorgeous and creamy to glide on. The matte lipkit is a good wand to apply, smells of drumstick lollies and works really well! 
I am so pleased with this! It will be my shade of choice for a while now! Yay! I know they're expensive, but for a liner, matte gloss and super cute packaging, i think its worth it! 
Did anyone else grab one of the new autumn shades this week? :) 

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