Friday, 21 October 2016


Time for some Sam time, amd to chill out after a hectic week! 
A little round up of the week, starting with my free Elizabeth Arden gift which i LOVE so much! Check out that post from yesterday. 
I work for a bed manufacturer, Highgate Beds, so here's a photo i set up for social media this week. Pretty. 
I have been loving having Netflix, and Gilmore Girls is SO good. I am fully into it right now. Check out my Netflix faves a few blogs back! 
I also got more goodies from Kylie Cosmetics, with Pumpkin and i am fully loving the autumn hue of it! Lovely! 
I then bagged the new Kyshadow pallet Burgundy. I know it is an addiction, but can't atop, won't stop and all that! 
This happened to my desk. Good times on the stress-o-meter!! 
I enjoyed some delcious food, but healthy living too which is great! 
Not a bad week, but so glad that it's the weekend!! 
My new Pumpkin lipkit review will be up tomorrow! 
Hope you had a great week! :) 

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