Wednesday, 12 October 2016


How great is a good cocktail night?! I actually don't have one on the cards right now, but i'm just thinking about my faves!
Above is the crazed about one; 
The Pornstar Martini! 
With a shot of prosecco to go with the fruity glass, topped with a passionfruit, this looks like you get more for your money with two drinks! Yummy too! 
Another excellent tipple is;
Espresso martini
A blend of liqueur and coffee, this vodka based drink is the perfect thing to sip and wake up to tunes in a night out! 
A glass of fizz goes down a treat;
This bubbly Italuan drink is the perfect fruity sub for champers, minus the morning headache! 
A bottle of wine is also good;
Rose wine
I could drink it like water some days! 
So, there you have my usual list of tipples! 
What are your favourites? :) 

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