Sunday, 2 October 2016

Bloggers Blog Awards

On Sat 1st October i headed to Canal Mills in Leeds for the #BloggersBlogsAwards set up by Tea Party Beauty and voted for by bloggers of which i did the judging on one catagory! Yay! 

It was so great to see lota of familiar faces, and some new ones all gathered in Leeds for these awards! Also brilliant to see the nominees of people i love as bloggers! 

Hayley (Tea Party Beauty) did a fab job of hosting and things went well! 

It all was so pretty inside and outaode and very blog-able! Lookat this gorgeous bunting even though the clouds were heavy! 

There was a selfie station and lots of amazing raffle prizes, which meant people bought their body weight in tickets. 

This amazing Vice Vault was up for grabs, so i took a hand in folding the hundreds of raffle tickets ready for the draw. My fingers bloody killed after! Haha! Well done to all for the money raised as it was for charity! 

I got quite dressed up as i knew us bloggers love a good do! Glad i did as there were some beautiful outfits, and shoes! Just check out Lucinder of fab shoes of the day! 

Well done to all the blogger nominees and of course huge congrats to the amazing winners!
It has really inspired me to improve and get myself in the running for next time! :) 

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