Sunday, 30 October 2016

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

The best time of Autumn is Halloween! 
I have collected lots of things for this tome of year, like tops, leggings, tights, shoes and earrings to name a few! 
On Saturday afternoon i decided to carve a pumpkin, and was a little inspired by one of my favourite hobbies... 
DRINKING, obviously. I'm gonna set it on the doorstep, ready for the usual hoards of Trick or Treaters headding here! 
My cousin bought me some great things Halloween themed for Christmas, including Halloween cards! So i'm sending those this year!!
Here's me on Sat night in my pentagon earrings& choker. 

Boots points event

My favourite event of the year is the Boots points events on the lead up to Christmas! As i wrote about last year, i headed there again to soend £50, and receive £10/ 1000 in points! A little one for you, one for me gifting going on woth the points! 
The above is what i grabbed plus the No7 large eye pallet, which i could order from to be included with my £50 purchase! 
The mirror was a Star Gift, on offer for only £17.49, which i get another 10% off, due to me being in the Boots contact lense scheme!! £15.40 is the BEST offer even for a illuminated mirror! 
The Nandos sauce are for my friend who loves the stuff and always wants to hottest but is a little dubious in the restaurant. So in the comfort of her home she can go extra hot! 
As i got the pallet from No7 ordered, i had a free item with the amazing 3 for 2 on all green parcel Christmas gifts at Boots! I got a Ted Baker eye set, which gor £18 includes eye shadows, liner, mascara, all in a cute pink box! Excellent for a present for a friend. 
I also got a No7 glossy so went for the make up brush cleaner. So i got quite a lot, and started on my Christmas shopping! Yay! 
Hopefully there's another Boots points event soon, to get more presents :) 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Halloween graveyard hanging

Seeing as though i forgot to post yesterday, here's another post about my Weds night! My brother and I went playing Pokemon. On our usual walk we go through the local graveyard, as its on the route. Here is a super spooky church photo from there! 
Then a scary as eff photo of the grave outlines with the sub setting in the background. Pretty cool near Halloween but we walked quite fast. But of course i HAD to document it in a photo! Ha. 

On Wednesdays we wear pink

I actually really like the middle of the week, on Wednesdays i grab coffee before work. "The coffee man" stands with a little cart in the middle of town and makes the BEST coffee, for only a quid!! I always go for cinnamon latte and it makes my day start amazingly! 
I then pop to the shop my lotto and Grazia, then sail into work with a smile. 
Hump day aint so bad to me! 
Hope yours was brilliant too!
Be sure to add my on instagram samspeaks__ or direct link in top left to see more photos like above! :) 

Monday, 24 October 2016

I miss summer

Please get me back to summer, with the suns warmth on my feet, the breeze that is needed to cool and the great feeling if having a tan. Summer is the good mood season. 
Yeah, this Autumn season is filled with the best fashion of cosy knits and snuggly clothes, and brilliant tv, but how great is it in summer to sit out after work and not have to de- steam the car?! 
My feet are real cold right now, my skin is dry from the 4 degrees temperature this morning and my colour co ordinations is grown with make up and office wear. I guess all the cons just mean i appreciate summer more when its here. :) 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Christmas browsing

It is so lovely to have a chilled out afternoon reading the Christmas gift guides and browsing eveything on offer! I have the Boots guide and love the things inside but my favourite book so far is the  
Superdrug one i picked up this week. With bloggers ranges, it is a real inspiration and the products are actually brilliant! I cannot wait to head to the first Boots event of the season this Thursday, and get spending on my loved ones! I have started a list already! :) 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Kylie Pumpkin

As you may have seen on my instagram, i recieved Pumpkin lipkit this week from the Kylie Cosmetucs fall collection i ordered. 
Ok, so when i opened it i thought "fuck thats orange! Like BRIGHT orange" meep! I wanted a burnt dusty orange really from Pumpkin. So just popped it away at work until bedtime where i braved a try on. 
I only bloody LOVE it!! It is exactly the shade i wanted from Pumpkin! That colour of pumpkin pie you see. So great. The liner is gorgeous and creamy to glide on. The matte lipkit is a good wand to apply, smells of drumstick lollies and works really well! 
I am so pleased with this! It will be my shade of choice for a while now! Yay! I know they're expensive, but for a liner, matte gloss and super cute packaging, i think its worth it! 
Did anyone else grab one of the new autumn shades this week? :) 

Friday, 21 October 2016


Time for some Sam time, amd to chill out after a hectic week! 
A little round up of the week, starting with my free Elizabeth Arden gift which i LOVE so much! Check out that post from yesterday. 
I work for a bed manufacturer, Highgate Beds, so here's a photo i set up for social media this week. Pretty. 
I have been loving having Netflix, and Gilmore Girls is SO good. I am fully into it right now. Check out my Netflix faves a few blogs back! 
I also got more goodies from Kylie Cosmetics, with Pumpkin and i am fully loving the autumn hue of it! Lovely! 
I then bagged the new Kyshadow pallet Burgundy. I know it is an addiction, but can't atop, won't stop and all that! 
This happened to my desk. Good times on the stress-o-meter!! 
I enjoyed some delcious food, but healthy living too which is great! 
Not a bad week, but so glad that it's the weekend!! 
My new Pumpkin lipkit review will be up tomorrow! 
Hope you had a great week! :) 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Elizabeth Arden free gift

This gorgeous gift is free when you buy 2 items from the Elizabeth Arden range! I went for the lucious hand cream, as i have fallen in love with its nurishment. 
Included in the gift is the bag shown, designed by Holly Fulton, the Prevage range, a mini 8 hour oil, the city smart and a mascara. 
Such a great gift to try out all Elizabeth Arden new products! I cannot wait to try thing things i haven't like the mascara and new Prevage. 
I am so happy to get a deluxe sample of the 8 hour oil, as it is so great for my skin! 
This gift is on offer at Boots right now, online or in store! :) 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New Loreal mask

Jumping on the hype with this one! For only £5 from Boots i grabbed this Loreal skincare mask; Pure Clay. It is made to help unclog pores and refresh skin, to leave it a lovely glowing colour. 
I used the Origins maskimizer to open pores and quench skin ready to apply to mask. Then slapped it all over my face generously. 
Which ended up like this. My new autumn look; swamp monster! 
It felt nice, not too slimely, and not too drying. Sometimes face masks feel dry and tight, but this is lovely! 
I watched off and ny face felt refreshed. I am unsure about a glow per say, but it definitely felt less stressed and tight. I will be usung this weekly to relieve my face :) 
There are 3 in the collection, the other two are red clay for glowing skin and exfoliate or white (could be green) to purify and mattify from oils. I cannot wait to try the other 2 soon! :) 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Fashion post

I know i'm not one to post fashion, but i actually do buy a lot of clothes. In fact each Friday before work i go for a sneaky shop in a local town where there is a place that sells Topshop stock at half the ticket price! So i may as well add my new clothes into the mix over here! 
Above is my new faux leather jacket from Topshop (yes the cheap shop) £26 and should be £48 i think. It's not the usual style i go for as it has no collar, but i'm loving it! 
Paired with leather ankle boots, which i haven't worn in yet so these KILL ME! The shirt is New Look right now with a cute necklace the high button will love great! Then topped off with Chanel Rouge Noir! 

The next outfit i'll be rocking this week is this amazing gold metallic primark top £8 in store right now. Also available in silver, pink or black! 
The studded shoes are from Asos and are Oasis brand. Then my make up is goinf to be warm neutrals, so Arrow by Kat Von D, and oranges by Kylie! 

Aother outift for the office is these Topshop ripped knee jeans! I never liked them before with rips but i am so glad i grabbed a pair as they're SO comfy! 
I love heels in the office, and these leather ones are really comfortable as they have a platform. 
The pinky pearl top is from New Look £14.99 and is quite a loose fit. I bought a kahki one the same size and that is a tight fit. Boo. 
Earring Primark £1.50, and the YSL Touch Eclat ltd ed Love & Kisses to cover my dark circles! 

So those are some of my new threads from the past few weeks! What are your favourites to wear this season? :) 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Day out and yummy food

Pitta with hummus is YUM! Hoem made in the clay cafe in Skipton. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon out with my Mum. Where we got a few Christmas hand made gift tags, had a lovely lunch and a nice train ride! 
Fresh coffee with cream is my fave! 

That's a mantra i can live by for sure! 

Topped off with a tasty PSL from 'bucks. 
I had a lovely day and nice chilled out Saturday :) 

My fave TV shows right now!

I love to chill out with new TV shows to get stuck into! I can pretty much watch one season in a weekend, so always need a good list of shows to check out. I recently got Amazon Prime and Netflix, so i have ao much choice! 
I thought i'd do a run down of my top 5 recently! 

1. Jessica Jones - Neflix original
Set in Hella Kitchen this Marvel adaptation is filled with action and intrigue. The heroine is plagued with her past and as the episodes progress the revenge in her is fueled.
I really enjoyed the suspence and thrill of many of the storylines. It was a little flat towards the end, but the ending worked for what it was. 

2. American Gothic - Amazon Prime
I loved this series as i was constantly insisting it was that person, no the other, wait it was them... wasn't it?! 
The tv show follows a well to do family who seem to have it all, but as the story unravels it seems they thought they were above the law. With all thw money one member is an addict, another estranged, while another is having and affair. It is jam packed with sins and follows a murder case which points to the families past. 
I hope there will be a second series due to the ending, but we shall see! 

3. Stranger Things - Netflix Original
Yeah i'm jumping on this hype! 
A thriller and who done it is the main issue, or rather what done it. With eerie goings on, people not what they seem and suspence in scenes, with a lot of weird thrown in! 
I thought it would be more horror than thriller but in the end i did enjoy it as a series. I can't see that there'll be a second but who knows!

4. Lucifer - Amazon Prime
The decil himself walks among those in the city of angels, or rather he owns a night club, after taking a break from the ruling of hell. 
It is set in modern day which is great and Luci, as his brother calls him, has taken a liking to an LA detective, who he follows in all her cases. 
Its now showing the second season which is just as good, and is a mist see for sci fi fans! 

5. Power - Netflix
The story follows Ghost, who is a drug dealing sort of gangster in a suit who is trying to go good, or so we think until it all becomes clear its all just to hide the goings on behind closed doors. All goes well until he meets his high school sweet heart again, and has to choose between her, the law and his family. 
There's like a lot of sex, but it is such a hreat story line! There's 3 seasons already, and all just as gripping. So good! 

Next on my list is;
Luke Cage, Gilmore Girls as there is so much hype about the show and Animal Kingdom. 

Any others i should be checking out? Comment and let me know! :) 
Also the stuff surrounding my ipad is earphones to watch, hand cream as i'm obsessed, neurofen as i have a bad back and blistex as my lips are SO bloody dry! My little comforta for a chilled Sunday :) 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

This week i have been loving...

My number one has been Elizabeth Arden hand cream. For starters i was never ever into hand cream, but this year my love knows no bounds and i have some with me at all times. This one by Arden, is not sticky, moiturising and smells SO good! Definitely worth the investment this season! 
Another love of mine this week has been the Rouge Noir Chanel collection, which i bought this time last year!! I was saving the limited edition loot and now i just thought, i may as well use it amd love it! Here is the gloss which is a subtle hint of dark red with lots of glossy shine! 
And finally this Kyshadow bronze pallet. I have used it SO much and love it! The shades are just peefection for me! 

What delights have you been loving? :)

Autumn loving

At first i didn't want to junp on the autumn loving hype, but i am succumbed. It is cold, snuggly weather and i love it! 
PSLs are being drunk! 
The scarfs and warm coats are on! (Yes work gave me a coat, reppin'!) 
I am embracing the array of autumnal tones, such as oranges, burnt reds and coppers! 
And i'm enjoying yummy food with friends as cosy nights in or plenty of booze to warm me up either! Ha! 
Are you loving the autumn (fall) season too?! Comment and let me knowwww! :) 

Freebies grabbed in the past week

Who doesn't love a cheeky free sample? I for one, like to try before i buy and so freebies are the things i look for on brand counters o...