Friday, 12 August 2016

My new fave palette

Yes this is my favourite since getting it! 
I bought second hand in a blog sale, so sadly it doesn't have the pull over cover, and it is a bit used, but for £25 I was glad I snapped it up rather than the usual £39.99 price tag! 

With names as fancy as crushed pearl, mimosa, starburst and hard candy it's hard not to fall instantly head over heels with this Glow pallet by Anastasia Beverlyhills! 

As Mimosa is a bronze brown shade, I use this all over my face. The subtle glow with highlighter is perfect for my summery skin look! 

I always then use Hard Candy on my cheeks as the shade is a terracotta type and looks amazing on! 

I also love Starburst over this, just to pinker up my apples. 

I actually thought Crushed Pearl would be my favourite, but when I tried it out, it was a little too cold for my usual highlighter. It isn't the champagne tone I expected, but instead it's a silver shade, and just doesn't work on me. Even on my tanned skin it looks odd. Boo. But I know some people will love this one for sure! 

So this is a pretty great investment for me, even thought I thought even at the reduce price it was a little bit much! I am in love with the Glow pallet! 

Love itttttt!


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