I am a fan of Kylie Cosmetics

I am all obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics. Their products are really good, the shipping is fast, the packaging is pretty and well thought out and I will definitely buy more. 
Bold statements as I know people have complained a lot about the service, but I had an issue and has it resolved by the customer service right away. The products arrive in excellent condition, I'm in the UK and shipping takes around a week from order. I placed my order here for Lord, as the products sold out super fast, then the next time for the Birthday Edition collection I snapped up Leo lip kit and Poppin' gloss. 
Here is the Lord metal matte on me, and it isn't over the top, this is two coats but with one I can wear it for work. I am hoping Poppin' is cool for day wear too, as I love a good shiny lip gloss! 
And last night I placed another order for the Kyshadow pallet as I LOVE bronze colours! 
I am looking forward to the Eye liners but hope for liquid not the gel! So don't believe the horror stories or hype, and if you like the look of it, take a desicion yourself on Kylie Cosmetics! For me, I will continue to order! :) 


  1. I so want to try these out for myself! That shade looks great on you :-)



  2. You should, they're gorgeous! :)


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