Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pokemon Go obsessed!

 As with most people right now, I a. Obsessed with Pokemon Go! 
Above are the Pokemon I caught on the way to work today! (19/07/16)
I love the finding near local icons or even on the end of my street like here. 
Not only is it cool with the augmented reality, it's great that me& my brother who is usually holed up in his room everyday, it out walking! Kids actually choosing to go out the house, to catch Pokemon! 
The many Pidgeys are annoying, but they do come quite beefy so great to grab to level up! 
Here is a Grimer on my brother! Ha! 
Lus we're walking around every night for around an hour, getting loads of expertise! It can only be a good thing, and topping up my tan! The eggs need 5k or 10k and that is motivation enough! 
Quick refreshment breaks when at Poke stops are needed too in this crazy summer heat! 
However we did find an actual rat the other night! Ew! 
Overall it is SO great for kids to play, and I! Getting people out, chatting about where the best places are, and lots of excercise! Download the app and give it go for sure! :) 

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