Monday, 25 July 2016

Pick n Mix from Feel Unique

You know I love a cool new fad to get into, so I HAD to order 5 pick n mix items from Feel Uniques new offering! 
However, having thought I ordered the good items, when they arrived I realised it was a bit misleading with the pictures it he top left showing how samples should come! 
Elizabeth Arden, Marc Jacobs and Bioderma samples were as expected, but the Cowshed showed a bottle and the YSL showed a tube! I got packets, which I usually get in magazines. 
Fair to say I'm a bit miffed about it. I can see the lure, as I love samples for holidays or as I got these to try out things I haven't before, but it has put me off with this, as I can get these at counters for free! 
Great offer for trying newbies, but be weary if you decide to order! 
I will look forward to trying them out, just a shame the packets won't be enough to try out new things properly! Boo! 
How did you feel about the new Feel Unique pic n mix service? Comment below! :) 

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