Thursday, 21 July 2016

I got my first car!

Yes, the car above it mine all mine!
After passing my text back in November, on Black Friday no less, I finally own a car as of this weekend!

I wanted a black car, no compromise on that, and we found one immediately on the day we looked, at the first garage, but thought it only fair that we checked out some other dealers.

However, we headed back to the first, a bit like buying a dress, you know how it is, always that first one you try, and went for a test drive. Which is SO nerve wracking, plus I haven't drove for weeks so did stall it oops! However, we barted him, and I got myself a car! Yay!

I pick it up end of the week, and I cannot wait to head off on my own, being independent and enjoying myself at lots of new blogging adventures! :)

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