Saturday, 30 July 2016

Happy about me

I've been out walking, and yes Pokemon go'ing and i had been walking to work before getting a car. I've been esting well, as i've posted before and now i'm pretty proud to say i'm into size 14 now! Down from size 18, i'm pretty proud of myself. 
I'm feeling good about myself again and actually enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now. I didn't think it got to me that much, but it did. 
So here i am, in MY bikini body. It isn't a perfect one, but it's mine and i'm proud that i feel good. 
I'm now looking gor a swimming pool to carry on the good health, as i'm unsure i want to go fully into the gym. 
I have no achievments of wanting to reach a certain size or anything, but i'm loving feeling great about myself. :) 
If you're struggling, think of you and keep going! 

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