Sunday, 24 July 2016

Freebies haul

All these were FREE! I love to grab samples so that I try out products, or have something smaller to take away on holidays! 
Lego do free things throughout the year with their VIP card.
Botanical is free with the o2 priority app so my bro& me got one! 
Bare Minerals advertised in lots of magazines this month, so I popped and got it ready for colder months when I use this sort of stuff! 
The Body Shop FB are giving out vouchers to collect a vial of serum "oils of life" plus I got a mask for use after! 
The pink vouchers are to get Soap& Glory products personalised with photos! Getting everyone those for Christmas! 
So I did well, and usually save up these sort of vouchers to gather samples each month!
Go out and give a try yourself! :) 

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