Sunday, 26 June 2016

No7 minis for holiday

I love a freebie, and No7 do the most amazing free gifts! I love to save these up for holiday as they're always stuffed with mini products! 
Cheek colour, eye shadow in beige shade, eye contour brush and mascara. Everything my face needs on a night in Turkey! 
This free gift was at Christmas time 2015.
Eye shadow in lilac, beautiful skin dry skin rescue which is amazing as a hand cream, body lotion or foot balm! Nail strengthening polish and an argan oil infused mascara! How perfect are these minis for holiday prep/ during vacations?! 
This was for Spring this year- 2016.
Eye pencil in purple metallic with an end applicator aponge to create a smokey effect, lengthening mascara, protect& perfect sun lotion and BB lips. With these SPFs, i'm sorted for pool time! 
This is still available as the summer 2016 gift. 
So there you go, i save up my minis and then there was so much more room for an extra book i like to get into on my sun lounger, or just one more to add to my 8 bikinis packed!? 
I'm sad i've used up all of these, but at least they're perfect and i will definitely save them up again! Thanks No7! :) 

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