Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My holiday favourites

As the title says, here they are above! 

Ultrasat £5 
This lipbalm is new to me as a product, and the brand, vut i spotted this on the Boots clearance and thought i always need a good lip saviour and i have found it in this. It does make my lips white though, which is an odd look, but they are protected so that's excellent. 4.5/5

Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss £6.50
This strawberry flavoured gloss is myfavourite lip product for summer. With a strawberry flavour i do lick it off on ocassion, but with SPF 25 it prevents me getting the dreaded coldsore in the sun! 

Elizabeth Arden Sunstick £15
Yes a little pricey but bloody brilliant. Buy one, buy one right now. See it in my previous post to this one! 

Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen £25
This facial sun cream is milky white, SPF 45 and is matte in finish. Yes MATTE! It is sooo silky, and protects great. No burnt nose with this stuff! So good in fact, that my brother loves it too. 

So there you are, my favourite products for holiday! :) 


  1. This looks like a great selection of product, I've not tried the Elizabeth Arden stick or the Benefit facial sun screen but I'd definitely like to now :)

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

    1. The Benefit suncream is amazing! Definitely grab that! :)


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