Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Elizabeth Arden treats

I'm on holiday right now and need all the moisture i can get to my skin. I am a pale English rose. I burn but luckily i tan right away after! So i always need decent products to help with this. Lucky for me, with a recent magazine subscription sign up, i was sent this Elizabeth Arden oil and lip balm! 
I have the Eught Hour Sunstick from last year, and still love it this summer too! It smells of lemons, glides on smooth and is just perfect for lazy ol'me to top up my SPF throughout the day. Wipe on, and ready with SPF 50. So great. 

The oil is good for when i've showered to lock in some moisture into my tanned skin. At first i thought it was only a face oil, but after reading Anouska Loves blog i now know it is an all over one, and have used it and loved it loads this holiday! The smell is a little organic, but not pungent, but the oil is so silky, yet nit greasy, which is such a good pro! 

The lip balm is SPF 15, and soft. It glides on my lips and coats it lovely. I don't think there is a scent either so i immediately really like it. I've used it non stop this holiday and my lips are lovely and supple. Always good to look after my kissing tools! 

So i think Elizabeth Arden have done brilliantly with their Eight Hour range and i am now super keen to try out their hand cream, as i am a hand cream fiend lately! Lets hope this range keeps me looking and feeling well! :) 


  1. Elizabeth Arden has always been hit and miss for me but moisturising is key when you're away in the sun! I tend to burn, go red, and go right back to being pale haha!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I've never used it before, as I did perceived it as an "old womens" brand. Whoops! But loving the moisture! Yes so needed. I do burn, but lovely& bronzed now :)


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