Thursday, 16 June 2016

Benefit brow collection

Yes it is nearly with us, with one week to go until the Benefit brow collection hits our shops! I am SO lucky to have received some things from the new collection courtesy if Benefit Cosmetics and Zeal, as a belated treat from the brow event i attened last month! 
Remember reading this post of the BEST event ever i got to attend? Well here i am getting matched to the right shade, and on my desk this week landed the colour matched products. To my absolutel delight, all pretty in pink Benefit gorgeous packaging! 
Here is the brow collection, with 4 amazing must have products! 
Gimme Brow £15.50
The revamped version of packaging in shiny silver, and by far my favourite product in the brow collection. This plumps out brows if they need thickening, or for me it makes them look a little tamed and tinted, when the monthly waxing is growing nearer. I love this stuff and have a mini in my bag, and two on the go in my desk and home make up bags! Ha. Seriously if there's one thing you purchase, then make it this one. 
Also a cheeky tip from Benefit's head make uo artist, Lisa Potter Dixton is to look for darkest hair on your head, and go for that shade. So there you go! 
Browvo £22.50
This is a primer for your eyebrows. With soy and minerals this is for getting your brows back healthy and look full. I have been using this for a few days now and love it SO much. 
One click is all you need and wipe the formular across each brow either on a night or under brow make up, to help brow growth. I love this so much already. 
Goof Proof £21.50
This pencil is great in that it is a twist top, and so less breakage is great. Filling in brows with the fine strokes of the pencil helps making brows look less sparse. 
You can greb a mini of this in shade 2 or 6 right now with Elle UK magazine! 
Ka Brow £23.50
Ka Brow is brow gel, which loved by nearly wvery brow connesseir i know! I'll be honest, it freaks me out to paint on my brows, but as it is super cute with this pot, and lid which turns into a brush, then i am keen to learn and look good. I think i just need some practice and my brows will be "on fleek" as they say! 
So there's my run down of the amazing brow collection, which launches a week today, Friday 24th June! 
There are ither goodies going live too, like a gel to lock brow shape in and i am so looking forward to that! 
I now cannot wait to get home from holiday and try out all of these, and launch another post soon on my new brow look! 

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