Saturday, 21 May 2016

NYX Leeds launch

Yes that is right, NYX Cosmetics are finally here and in Boots stores across the land! After selling out online at the beginning of this year, NYX have gone stomping into my local Leeds city Trinity store this week!
I was invited along to check out the atand on the opening night, which i was SO bloody excited about as i LOVE the brand, after discovering them in America last time i was over there 3 years ago! 
I'd already tried the Lip Lingerie out as it was matte and nude in colour, which are my two fave combinations! Here i am rocking Push Up! 
When i arrived the stands was rammed! I knew it would be busy but this was crazy, but understanable with the super cheap prices, for such excellent quality and cruelty free products! 
I headed straight to the eyeliners and Vivid Brights, which i saw online and HAD to buy myself a few! 
We could grab a glass of bubbles to sip on the way around the counter, which was lovely but as there was so much make up to try out, i needed more hands! 
Cheeky glass pose here! 
The face products i was most intreguied about as i know nothing about them, but know things like the powders and concealer pallettes are really highly rated by MUAs and bloggers alike! 
This colour correcting and concealer pallette was the one which had everything in, and i knew i wanted it! BUT it was sold out apart from this tester! Boo! So i'll have to pop back for this little beauty! 
The NYX counter handed out these simple yet brilliant swatch paper sheets. Brilliant as i didn't have 17639392 swatches of foundation up my arm! Great thinking there NYX!
Now this amazingly bright and funky looking compact is an ombre blush, which is the one that got away! I only had  £20 on me and had to put it back, fighting back the tears. Well, maybe slightly OTT, but this shade "Feel The Heat" is on my next to buy, and at only £9 i might get another in the range!
One for everyday of the week and every ocassion here! Gorgeous colours!
These eye palettes caught my eye, then i saw the name Wanderlust and lusted after them! The tones of bronzey brown are JUST what i go for and love every shade in here. So that's added to the wish list! 
I immediately loved the Vivid Brighta eyeliner at £5.50, but this Glam Liner Aqua Luxe are gorgeous shades with a slightly sparkle in for £7.50! 
I loved how cute these refills were and so had to get one of them! I liked the cheeky names, so hunted for a perfect shade but to be accompanied with the perfect name. So i spotted  bronzey gold shade named Bedroom Eyes and had to buy it! 
So here are my purchases, i went for 3 Vivid Bright liners as i was going to get another Lip Lingerie for a friend, but as they'd sold out i added an extra liner to my basket! Also at the til we were given a lovely goodie box full of thinga including more NYX Cosmetics! So lovely of NYX and Boots to do that!

There were also some Bubble Tea up for grabs next to the paying desk and so i bagged one of those to drink over the weekend! As i LOVED trying it out in London :) 

So i just want to thank Boots and NYX once again, as it was so lovely to check out the counter and finally have more of the cosmetics in my collection! I will definitely be heading back there again soon for more things! :)


  1. It was lovely to see you Sam! I really wanted the colour correcting palette too so will need to get back there!

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

    1. Yes you too, as always! I went back yesterday and spent more! Ha! Gonna get a post up on the products this week. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Loving the post, I'm so glad you enjoyed the launch event! We have the colour correcting palettes in stock now (they arrived this morning) 💞 Hope to see you again soon on the counter

    1. It was brilliant! I will be back in this weekend I should think! :)


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