Tuesday, 31 May 2016

New Loreal Sexybalm

I saw these in Boots and had to grab a couple! I love a great lipbalm and the colour of the Bold was amazingly bright! 

I went for Bold in 204/ Never Stop whicj is a bright coral colour. The rich and moisturising formula is gorgeous and makes my lips feel so supple. 

Never Stop is way brighter than my usual lip picks but i actually really like it! I will be rocking this in the sunshine soon! 

My second choice here is one of the Sheer colours in 103/ As If, which is another coral colour but more of a lip balm pay off, and just a subtle hint of colour. 

This colour As If isn't as striking but a great splash of colour for my everyday look. Pefect for the office touch up in the afternoon and to keep my kissing tools in good shape ;) 
These Sexybalms are £4.99 and i grabbed mine from Boots, where they were flying out! :) 


  1. I was looking at these the other day, but I was trying to stop spending on lip products haha! But I adore that coral on you! The coverage looks fab xx

    1. haha! I couldn't resist! So lovely isn't it! :) Thanks!


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