Wednesday, 18 May 2016

HEMA - New shop with cheap beauty

I visited Birmingham for  a convention, Supernatural one, yes I WILL blog about that ASAP! I kept glancing at the shop with bright red letters HEMA. I hadn't a clue what it was and so ventured in on our last day, to see there was beauty in there, for MEGA cheap prices! Yes!

So I immediately went for a matte lip pen, in a soft pink colour, which I thought would look great for the warmer weather.

Then I went around the stall to see metallic eye liners, and gasped! JUST what I have been looking for! So, I bagged myself a goldy bronze one and a purple one. As these are the two colours I love to wear in summer, and I already love my No7 mermaid turquois shade!
Metallic eyeliner £3 
I adore this colour as it isn't as full on as some colours are in the summer months and i always go for the bronze, gold or silver to make me look more tan! Ha. 
I also got this purple colour one too. I am lovinf the bronze one more, but i know i will be wearing the purple one loads too. The liners are so easy to use, as they glide on and create a great looking flick!
Retractable powder brush £4
I have been wanting a retracting brush for a while, so that i can carry it around to top up my bronze, blush or other powdery goodness! It was £4 too whicj i think is brilliant!
Soft Matte lip pen £3
This is matte so what is not to love?! I think the soft pink shade will be good for everyday wear. As yet i haven't opened it as i have a few lip stuffs on the go. 

So there we go, a great new and cheap store to get into! Sadly i don't think there are any around here, but i will pop into London or Birmingham again soon! :) 

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