Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cougar Beauty - product review & event you can attend

FYI - This isn't a sponsored post, I just know about the event/ products, and think people should go, as my friend works there! :)

I know the name right, BUT cougar is large cat, so not so much the strange older women phenomenon that you think of. Think sleek, feline with amazing features, eh?

So Cougar Beauty, are a British brand! Yay! They are also cruelty free! So you don't have to worry about applying anything harmful to others in the process.
The company is relatively new, but is so huge over in Europe, and so I thought I'd try out a product for you to see, then you can even attend one of their events soon!

Mineral 5 in 1 foundation with Kabuki Brush
RRP £56
Like woah on the price tag, if we compare to other well known brands,  but if it works then it's worth it right?

When I first opened the cute little bag I saw orange, if I'm honest, but I thought I'd give it a go and it actually evens out well!

The 5 in 1 is for:
Colour Corrector

All the things you want out of your foundation really!
It glides on really well, doesn't feel heavy, and reduces my shine which is so good!

I know it can be used alone, but I think I would only use a mineral foundation for over my usual matte, so tame it down, but this swirls on my nose/ cheeks and doesn't leave any dry patches, so that's really great!
The brush has a little fall out but it is super soft and helps the product glide on, so a few bristles won't matter too much. 
I'm sat in the sunlight and there is no shine! Yes! 
I love the black& gold packaging as it looks so luxe! 
I'm unsure on the price, but Cougar always have brilliant offers so i'm sure you'd be well stocked in your cruelty free! 

The event:
So as the title suggests, there is an event upcoming! This weekend in fact!
Cougar Ladies Day - Sunday 8th May 1pm through to 6pm
£5 tickets - charity donation
70% off
Make Overs
Hot/Cold buffet
Photo shoot

All of that sounds amazing right?!
There are treatments available too; manicures, facials, threading and make overs!

Well where is it happening I hear you cry?!
DW Fitness club in Yeadon
LS19 7NE

Grab yourself a ticket and enjoy a pamper Sunday! :) 


  1. This is the first I've heard of Cougar Beauty but it looks and sounds fab. Unfortunately wouldn't be able to make the event on Sunday but now I'm aware of it, I'll definitely keep my eye out x

    Bridie | The Same Old Chic

    1. Yeah not many people know about it, but they have such cool products! Yeah hopefully they'll do another one soon! :)


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