Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Benefit brows event

I love Benefit Cosmetics, as if you didn't know already! So when i got to go along to one of their events i did a dance! And the best thing?! It was only in Leeds! 
As we got settled into the White Cloth gallery we were offered a glass of bubbled, and introduced to the Benefit team. 
Aaman gave a talk on the brow concept and all about how popular brows are now. Which if you think about it is a big thing, being on fleek and that! Benefit currently have the number 1& 2 best selling brow products. Their brow products are the fastest selling and Benefit predict that these will even over take their much loved They're Real as their number 1 best selling product, in a few years. 
Then it was the turn of Lauren, the trend artist at Benefit, who went through the new amazing brow range! It is spectacular! 
There are seriously tonnes! So, i think a seperate post on them all, but here's a couple that stood out for me;
Ready, Set, Brow
This sera your brow and i don't know about you, but on my right side there's a crazy hair that loves to stand up right. So this little wand of beauty will sorr that right out! 
Now this is a primer. Yes, a primer for your brows. I immediately wanted it! I'd wear it all the time. I'm thinking night time would be good, then the goodness helps the brows?! Yes! Yes! So i'm kinda pretty excited for that one! 
We then partnered up, here is my beautiful partner Kat. We were then taken through to the next room, where the Benebabea qorked their brow magic, colour matching us to the new products and trying them out on us.
While we were waiting in the queue we got to have a photo with the AMAZING photo booth/ red carpet mirror. It was a pronted out 4 shot photo, and was SO much fun! 
Loved it and now i want one in my house! 
Then it was my turn to transform my brows. Bearing in my i never use brow products except the occasional lick of Gimme Brow, so i was keen to see how they'd turn out!
I was telling Lauren, she has already done my brows before, as i visited the Benefit oub back in 2014, Gabby's Head,  see here! So it was nice to have her give me a wow brow again! 
Thank you so much to Rhianna Robowecop who got some snaps of me, on her gorgeous camera, making me look a million times better. 
So here is the finished look! So great how fuller my brows look! And look my arch, fabulous! 
After our brow make overs, we got the chance to play some party games, and i am always up for those! 
All based on the various stages of brows when you pop along to a brow bar, the games were set out and done in pairs. The first here was matching the celeb to their brows. Bloody hard too, let me tell you! We only managed 4 pairs!

The next was based on tinting and so i was blind folding and had to colour in some brows with the guide of Kat.
It didn't go too well, so we won't borher woth the end result! Ha!
It was then the waxing stage, where there was waxing! Some poor sod from the Zeal PR office had his legs on the waxing table! Eeek!
It felt bloody good if i'm honest! Ha! 
Here's Aaman getting her wax on! 
The last area of the games was filling & highlighting. Where we had to creat a cake of eyebrows. 
Some cool designs were made amd the winner was the pink one in the middle! Well deserved!
Then there was time to grab a drink with our kindly given vouchers and nibble on some food laid out for us!
Sorry, i mean drinks BROWchers. Clever those Benebabes!
We were then handed a cute goody bag which had some Gimme Brow in! Yes! Plus a Benefit Cosmetics USB stick! Amazing, as i love having all the Benefit merchendise!
Then off i popped home after saying goodbyes to Aaman, Lauren and the Benefit team, plus Rhianna and the other lovely ladies i met there!
I would also like one of these amazing letter lights in my room, to go with the mirror camera from earlier! So cool!
It was so lovely to meet Aaman after speaking on twitter for about 3 years, lovely to finally hug her and have a cheeky snap!
Now i juat have to wait until June for the collection to launch, as i am now a brow fan, with all these amazing products to try out! Thank you so much Benefit and Zeal for having me! :)

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