Friday, 15 April 2016

The Botanist - New cocktail menu - masterclass and review

When someone emails to ask can I make a last minute cocktail making master class, at one of my favourite Leeds cocktail venues, I snapped up the invite in a flash!

Photo: Blackberry & Mint Julip cocktail

The invite was to sample their new launching summer cocktail menu, have a go at making our own and learn about some of the new flavours at The Botanist, located at the bottom on the Trinity shopping centre in Leeds.

Photo: Basil & Plum Caipirinh

When we arrived, Sophie greeted us and explained what would be happening and said to gather around the end of the bar, where head bartender Elliot would be showing us how to make their new signature drinks!

Photo: Making Kiwi & Sage Martini

It was such a great laugh to learn about the different ingredients, infusions and surprising tastes! Like the Thai Chilli Crush, which with chilli I expected to be super spicey, but it was nice and fruity! So delicious, and perfect for those long summer nights, when me and my friends always head out for cocktails round Trinity! Definitely a new favourite in that one!

Photo: Thai Chilli Crush cocktail

It was my friends birthday too at this masterclass and so she got to have a go at making the cocktails. Elliot showed her how in the first glass, as there were two cocktails to sample in the group of 7, then the 2nd one my friend Clarissa made!

Photo: me with a Kiki& Sage Martini cocktail

Clarissa made the Kiki and Sage Martini, and it was pretty tasty once she had made it! I loved this kiwi and sage martini, with the kiwi offering a zing of fruit goodness, and almost feels like a healthy option, which is The Botanist's aim with these, as they have way less calories and more of the natural ingredients. This is a win for my new smoothie diet that I'm on! I reckon I could incorporate these drinks into that!

Photo: Basil & Plum Caipirinh cocktail

Other drinks included a micro Thai basil which infused into the Thai Chilli Crush, which as I said was a strange sensation when I expected the spice of the chilli!

Photo: The Signature Botanist cocktail being prepared.

Once the masterclass came to an end, Elliot whipped up a cocktail each for us, which was The Signature Botanist Cocktail. This has Belvedere vodka, mint, elderflower liqueur and a whole host of other lovely ingredients! It tasted amazing!

Photo: hummus dip with various vegetables & bread to dip. 

The lovely people at The Botanist arranged for some bar snacks too, like cocktail sausages, onion strips and hummus. The hummus, as pictured above was delicious!

Photo: me & pals with our Signature Botanist cocktails! 

Honestly as it was a last minute trip for us, it was such a fun night to enjoy the tastes and learn about all the various new cocktails on offer! The new cocktails launch on Tuesdays 19th April, and will run throughout the summer months. Also if you fancy yourself as a cocktail maker, you can sign up with The botanist for a cocktail master class at only £25 per person! I think me and my pals will be doing that again soon!

Photo: Clarissa, the birthday girl with the Thai Chili crush - out favourite! 

A huge thank you to Sophie, and The Botanist in the Trinity Leeds for having me and my friends, we had the best time, and I definitely recommend you organise your friends for a cocktail night at The Botanist soon! :)

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