Thursday, 14 April 2016

The BBB Clinique LIB box

Ok, a few letters in the title which you may or may not decipher! So BBB British Beauty Blogger has launched the latest in her collection of amazing Latest In Beauty boxes, this time teaming up with Clinique!

Now, BBB did launch a Clinique edit last year, of which I completely missed out on, so when it popped up on Saturday night to set alarms OF COURSE I did! However, I was awake at 9am when it went live, and I hummed and arred a while, as I AM saving for my first car (woop) and so did I need the box? Well I decided yes, after reading a lovely post by msBudgetBeauty I decided the mascara and Sweet Pots alone was worth the £20 for the box! So I went for it!

This was Sunday, and it is now Wednesday, and it only arrived on my desk at work! YES!I love a good hump day pick me up!
So here is the run down, and a few photos of the products, and me styling them, ha!

Super Primer 15ml - RRP £20 for full size
I am keen to try this out tomorrow morning, as my beloved Porefessional has run out, and instead of buying it again, I thought I'd try out some other ones! I have heard good things about this, so I will update on maybe a face of the day next week with this one!

Take The Day Off 30ml - RRP £17
I really love the cleansing milk, and haven't used this remover before. On the bottle it says for "lids, lashes & lips" so I think a universal face make up remover is good. The eye make up remover was a little greasy for my liking, so we'll see how this compares.

Here is the results above.
I am so pleased that this not only removed even my dark lipstick, but doesn't feel ask greasy as the previous one. It feels as though it has moisturised my eyes, lips and face! Lovely!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion 15ml - RRP £18-38 for full size
My true love, Dramatically Different. How brilliant is this as a moisturiser? I have so many of these tubes dotted around my room, and office that I cover myself in it. I used it for my face, but also dry skin, lips and it is an excellent hand cream! Lovely stuff! Honestly, me & my mum have used this for years, and cannot get enough!

Clinique for Me face scrub 15ml - RRP £20 for full size 100ml
It says men, but as I am single, I thought I'd give it a whirl. As Clinique is frangrance free, no problem with man scent, and the exfoliator is pretty good. Although I do prefer without scrub for my skincare, I would use this again. My Dad is loving it in the shower though! Always nice to give a goody to him!

Liquid Facial Soap mild 30ml - RRP £16.50 for full size 150ml
This is part of the 3 step skincare and I love it! It is mild, so not at all harsh on my skin, washes my face beautifully and it really great to my slightly sensitive skin. I happy to have this back in my life, or on my face so to speak!

Your Invitation & pot.
This is to pop along to  a local Clinique counter and grab the foundation sample to suit you. I guess instead of sending loads of wrong, or not suitable samples out, this is a perfect way to please all in one swoop. I am going to Leeds this weekend, and London so will pop along to a counter at one of those beautiful cities!

£10 voucher
Yes £10 off my next Clinique purchase online. I shall stock up on my favourites! Amazing extra!

Sweet Pots - red velvet FULL SIZE RRP £15
So, this little beauty had me SO intrigued, as I never wear red, however, when I saw msbudgetbeauty unscrew and it was a balm, I was interested, but then the otherside unscrewed and it was a sugar scrub for lips, I was sold. At this point I placed my order for this #BBBCliniqueBox ! How amazing to have it all in one nifty pot!? The results are below!

After scrub - nice smooth lips!

After scrub with balm
I always need a lip scrub with this weather. We are still in winter, as there was frost on the lawn this morning! Spring isn't here yet, don't let them kid you!

Aromatics in white 4ml - RRP £40-78
Ooh love a good fragrance and a mini, as I am obsessed with mini anything. Well, you know in some versions, ahem ;)
This sample was either white or black versions, and it was pot luck on which you get.
After shaking the box, forcibly to get the ruddy thing out, I sprayed a little on my wrists.
Oooh I said... To myself in my office... It smells SO nice. like a bit citrus, and floral, but not over powering and maybe a little musk? Let's see what they say online... Woods, petals and amber. Yeah I nailed it pretty much. The citrus scent has gone now, but there was definitely a waft of it first.
Anyway my verdict, YUM! I would actually buy the full size, and I usually never stray from Coco Mademoiselle for expensive buys!

Chubby Lash FULL SIZE £17.50
This mascara is in black, in fact named jumbo jet! Love a great name like that. I opened it with my friend and we both said aw a thick one. Sad Face. But no NO, a fat tube, but beautiful wand! I knew this would hug my lashes and give a bit of omphh.

Here are the results of Chubby Lash
Pretty sweet that my lashes look amazing! Maybe my new favourite with a wand like this! Well done Clinique!

So, out of my budget life, £20 was a bit of a stretch, but I am SO glad I placed the order! No regrets and I love every item! Yay Clinique, and Thank you Jane for picking such amazing goodies in the box!

I am SO lucky that this arrived today, and I paid for it, just like anyone else, so I guess I am just lucky! If you ordered one, I hope yours comes soon too! I rushed ot get this post up for everyone to have a lookin case they're sat by their door! Hope you enjoy it! Comment below :)

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