Thursday, 14 April 2016

Shooters Bar Leeds - Review

I saw a tweet last week about a possible review, and favourite it. The next day I got a lovely email inviting me to Shooters bar in Leeds, up on the Headrow, for a free meal so I could sample their bar life. Obviously jumped at the chance to try out somewhere new!

On Tuesday me and my friend Clarissa went there after work, and were really surprised there were 3 bars packed into the Bierkeller complex! I admit, we don't usually venture up to this part of Leeds, as we wear killer heels on night's out, but it was so lovely to be there, to check it out for once!

Shooters is the top bar out of the 3 bars in the complex, which is found up a flight of stairs. It is a such a spacious room, and when we got there, there was a lovely table in front of the big screen awaiting me.

I felt special with my own table sign for a reservation, which was right in the centre of the room and big screen!

The room was pretty empty when we arrived at 7pm, but with it being a sports bar, when the football kicked off at 7.45pm, the room was heaving! It was crazy, as we were just enjoying ourselves chatting, and turned around to a sea of people! Amazing atmosphere of the place when the teams scored, or got penalty, or you know, didn't and there was an uproar! I love a good crowd like that, it always reminds me of my (long ago) college days!

So, for the meal we shared a pizza £7.95, side of curly fries £2.75, jalapeno poppers £2.95 and my friend wanted to try the Louisiana gumbo £8.95. It was about 20 minutes for the food, which isn't  a bad time to wait really, even though we were ravenous after finishing work, it was an ok wait for us. Also You go to the bar to order, and the wait was quite a quick one too, with a run through of available ciders and if we'd like ice, then reading out meals back. It was really excellent and friendly service from the staff!

When the pizza arrived I gawped! It was HUGE! I'd have only ordered that, had I know. Think of it like a 4 person share size! But, it was so delicious! I just went for the Italian Margarita with goats cheese, but it was divine, it really didn't need anything fancy to go with it. Simple is always the best.

The curly fries were lovely and crispy, and the jalapeno poppers were just right amount of spice, with a cream cheese filling. My mouth is actually watering right now, thinking back about it!

We washed the MASSIVE pizza down with some cider, Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry, which was so refreshing, but a pint of coke would have been just as brilliant or a glass of wine, to complement the pizza.

The bar was a nice relaxed scene, where you could just pop by for a snack, or on a night out for a game of pool or for one of the cocktail pitchers!

There's all sorts of offers on at Shooters, like 50% off on Mondays, and for the 2016 Euro ALL the games are being shoed. Which is why there are so many TVs dotted around, so your favourite team can always be playing for you. I thought that was pretty smart!

So all in all it was a lovely meal, which I am SO thankful to Shooters for hosting to me, and for Sophie organising the lovely occasion, and we actually said next time we plan a Leeds night out, we're popping in as a few friends are huge football fans! New customers for sure! :)

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