Friday, 29 April 2016

My smoothie diet

So last month me and 2 people from work started a healthy eating thing. A sort if diet but mainly just good eating. We were told about smoothies with super fruits and lots of goodness. 
We're having one every morning and salad for lunch. It is pretty easy and SO tasty for breakfast! Which is weird as i usually hate fruit! 
I do all sorts of combinations, as yes it is me who has been nominated cheof smoothie maker! Ha! 
I like the tropical style mix ups, but the others enjoy strawberries with blueberries and things like that! Either way it is really great to enjoy something so good for me!
And as i know you're reading this thinking HAS IT WORKED THOUGH SAM?! It only blooming has/ is! I've lost nearly a stone! We started 23/3/16 so i'd say that is pretty great ! I am happy with how it's going and recommend these juices to all who want to lose a little as it is SO simple! :) 

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