Friday, 29 April 2016

My competition win this week

Absolutely overwhelmed last Thursday night when I only went and won a twitter competition for a host of amazing goodies, including a Urban Decay Smoky palette! AHHH

The lovely Emily hosting the competition in the form of a simple RT twitter one. I admit, I am always entering such things, as who doesn't love a good old win, and a haul of amazing prizes!

After less than a week, the package arrived with me on Wednesday morning! I opened it up, and the prizes were wrapped in some gorgeous paper, and it felt like my birthday! Baring in mind that my birthday is the day after Christmas, and I have ALWAYS wanted a different date in the year! I was beyond excited!

However, it sat on my desk for a good few hours, while I was super busy. Then, in the afternoon it was time to get those packages ripped open! I did a little Snapchat of me opening some of the goodies! I was seriously so happy to have received them!

Of course my favourite item was the Urban Decay Smoky palette, but I'm also so so happy with the Liz Earle, Co Lab as I wanted to try their products for ages, and let me tell you it smells amazing! There are some Elegant Touch nails that I have never tried out and a NYX Lingerie lipstick suede, that looks like the perfect colour, as I am loving a nude matte lip and I'm a little tired of my Velvet Teddy at the moment!

So look at it all! How lucky am I?! Over this bank holiday weekend, I will sure to be trying out the Smoky palette and trying out some new looks I think with it,

I'll also get a swatch of the NYX lippy up, for you all to see!

So, this Friday get entering those competitions, as you never know, it could be you with an amazing surprise!

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