Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Good Ship Benefit

 Let me start by saying, Benefit Cosmetics have a ship. Yes they do. Sat on the Thames, at the Victoria Embankment, opposite the embankment tube station. It is an absolute wonder.
So, as soon as Benefit said they were creating their own ship, I was sold. Me and the girls keep booking trips to London as the local station goes to Kings Cross station and is mega cheap, on Sundays, for the 8.30am train. Yes it is a struggle, but worth it for London!

So, we had already planned a visit for 17th April, close to my friends birthday, so we decided we MUST check out the Benefit ship.

We got to the Embankment around 11.30am, and walked a little down, and saw the pink all around. Docked there on the Thames was the RS Hispaniola, a ship which was well known for it's fun and frolics back in the 60s (I think), but which was decommissioned. Then Benefit came up with the amazing idea, to run a ship full of cocktails and laughter, for the whole of summer, after all Laughter Is The Best Cosmetic as they say at Benefit Cosmetics!

Once we boared, down the pink accessorised ramped, we were greeted by the host, who said he'd give us a guided tour and there were LOTS   to see! Like the Porefessional Vault!
A place open in the evenings and based on their abdolutely brilliant primer!
Other decks had themes of They're Real,
 or brows 
and Hoola on the top deck!
It was amazing! Literally you're favourite product in a hang out!
After the tour, we went for a cheeky cocktail! 
Once we were alone drinking our cocktails, we all agreed already we HAVE to come back again as it is SO good! 
Also, all the cocktails are based on the products too, like High Brow, The Pink Lady and other San Fransico inspired delights! 
It got a little warm down in the cocktail lounge, so we decided to hang out on the top Hoola deck, where the sun was gloriously shining! 
Just look at the amazing view and landscape! Delightful! 
We ordered some food and more cocktails. Which were going down well in the summer like weather, as lets be honest we weren't getting much sun up north! 
Even in the toilets the Benefit theme runs throughout! So gorgeous! 
Always time for a Simone selfie! 
The Queen's royal boat rowed past too! 
We left after abour 5 hours, which means it was amazing as it only felt like 45 mins being there! We didn't get a chance to have a make over, or collect our free fizz! As when you purchase on board, you receive a stamp, which gets you goodies! Our stamp card now has a free glass of Chandon (a card each!) so we MUST return to the Good Ship Benefit! 
I made a purchase, after which you can choose a sticker. All of which to collect! So i went for their tag; Laughter is the best cosmetic" as it is SO true! I biught DEW The Hoola and LOVE IT! 
We got a few freebies too, as on the tour we were handed samples! So cute of them!
Plus a cocktail stirrer which is SO cute! 
So all in all an amazing brilliant exceptional time on board Good Ship Benefit! Everyone get a trip to London sorted and go have fun there! 
Gonna leave some more photos from the day below! 

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