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Blog At The Beach with Icelolly

I got an email through from icelolly saying there were places left for their Blog At The Beach annual event, and I typed so fast my fingers hurt. You see I saw this hashtag last year and was super duper jealous of the attendees have fun in the sun (in Leeds) that I was desperate to go. Low and behold the lovely Emma emailed me back to confirm my place! Yay!

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Fast forward to Sat 23rd April 12pm (Well, 12.10 as I was running late), at White cloth Gallery, near Leeds train station, where a congregation of lovely bloggers were, ready to get in the holiday mood, and ready to take on as much advice as possible from the guest speakers!
All the margerita's lined up on the bar.

I walked into the reserved area where I gave in my name, and was handed a lovely name badge, programme of events for the day and some drinks tokens! I was beyond happy with that cute gesture.
Everyone loving the holiday themed day in Mexico!

I then spotted a few familiar faces, who I'd seen from other events, or who I'd spoken to on twitter, and began to mingle around to speak and say hey!

At around 1pm, we were offered a drink of margarita, and introduced to the days events. Then before being welcomed into the room set up for us, out popped a mariachi band! YES REALLY! It was so much fun! We all had a good dance to the 3 songs played, and it got us in the Mexican theme of the day! even a rendition of "Don't you want me baby" which was SO good to have a dance and sing a long!
The mariachi band were SO great!

Before entering the conference room, I noticed there was a pinata, some Mexican decorations and lots of cactus inflatables dotted around, making the White Gallery really colourful and holiday like!
The mariachi band enjoying our dancing!

I grabbed a seat, quite near the back as my dawdling meant I was one of the last inside, and off we went.

The talks were kicked off with a welcome from icelolly's brand Director, Suniel Makh who explained a little about their ethics, what they'd like to get out of today and how icelolly works. The website is a comparison site, and they'd love to work with bloggers to be able to get a different perspective across to their website visitors. Which sounds like right up my street, as I bloomin' love holidays, taking 2  a year, and even little city breaks. Can I be first in line for a collaboration?!

The first speaker was Kooky Traveller, Kirsten, wh talked about your blog, and your brand, which is what you are as a blogger. Also mentioned were the security aspects of blogging, and being online. Which scared me a lot, with the encryptions and location tagging in photographs. Check you instagram settings on that one!

However, most of the talk I was jotting down all sorts of notes, as not only will it be perfect for here, I also run the social media for work now, and I need a lot of knowledge for that! So perfect start.

It was then lunch time, which is amazing as I never even thought about food, after the (very) strong margarita cocktail on arrival!

So lovely of icelolly to give us complementary drinks vouchers.

There were nachos, and smoked sausages, with the most divine glaze! Also there were tacos and guspacho! All mouth watering food and great to munch on while talking to other like minded people.

After about 45 mins, we all piled back in the conference room, ready for the next key speaker, The Vlog Academy, Mi, who informed us all about vlogging, which I for one haven't a clue. But some excellent techniques were shown! I am not sure I will become a vlogger, but at least I now have the knowledge if I do want to!

We had a short break then, with more music from the Mariachi band, and I used up my drink vouchers!

There was also a piƱata competition, where Kelly over at Big Fashionista let out all her pent up anger, I reckon! She hit the poor paper Mache donkey so hard, he fell to the floor in shock. No sweets leapt out though sadly, and so it was strung up again! All great fun!

Back in the conference room, it was the turn of Girl Vs Globe, Sabina, who I admit I hadn't heard of before, but now she is my idol. Seriously. She gave such a great talk about basically just be yourself, which is the best advice. Sabina was seriously a brilliant talker, and informed us after that it was her first talk! Excellent first try!

Sabina also gave us some helpful advice about collaborations with other bloggers, either to broaden your blogging knowledge, or to link with like minded individuals. Either way I am up for a collaboration, people!

So, that was pretty much it for the day, except the surprise that icelolly sprung on us!

If we checked under our seats, there were stickers which gave us a prize! Yay! I got a USB, which is so great for transferring photos! Others got a phone charger pack. Plus the lucky lady, who blogs at Inspiration Highway only went and won herself a holiday! How amazing is that! We all cheered and clapped!
Once we popped over to get our prizes, there were also some gorgeous notebooks, and inside a voucher to print off your instagram photos! How kind of icelolly?!
So then all that was left to do, was say bye to the friendly and new faces of the day, and pop off home!
I had such an informative, and inspiring day, and really want to thank icelolly for inviting me to such a fabulous day! I really hope there's another one like it soon! :)


  1. Thanks for coming Sam - we're so pleased you enjoyed the event and managed to get a lot out of each of the talks. Glad you liked the mariachi band as much as we did too!

    1. Thank you so much for having me! It was a brilliant day and lots of useful info! :)


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