Thursday, 21 April 2016

Big and False Lash - Avon mascara

My friend saud i MUST try this new Avon mascara, so she ordered me some! It arrived super fast, on Weds and when i tried it out on Thursday i was SO pleased with it! 
The wand is fat and full of bristles, which is my favourite as the volume from this is usually exceptional. 
The formular isn't clumpy or sticky. It glides on, looks jet black yet is also easy to remove! 
My lashes here look longer and so full! I will be using this loads! It was only £5.50 too, so super cheap! Avon always fo excellent products and value for money! 
I think i'll be ordering this again once it runs out! :) 

I hope you enjoyed tge weird poses in this post! Ha! Give me a cheeky comment below with your thoughts! :) 


  1. i've never tried any avon products but this looks great, such a bargain too!

    love katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

    1. Ahh I love a good Avon haul! You should try it out :)

  2. you have to completely resurface them and polish the lenses back to like new smoothness. the best waterproof mascara top coats


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