Tuesday, 12 April 2016

All time favourites

So, i was thinking, everyone including me must have some all time favourites that we just keep going back to and re buying! You know the ones you've been using for years and will continue to. So i thought i'd do a run down of my favourite make up products, to see why i love them so much! 
Seventeen bronzers £4.99
My all time favourite is the shimmer brick! I ALWAYS have one of these in a make up stash! I used to use the large bronzer Instant Glow too, so may repurchase that soon!
These are so cheap that i find it so easy to go back to the Seventeen stand again and again as they work so well to give a gorgeous glow! 

Maybelline Dream matte mousse £7.69
Wow didnmt know it was that price i thought around a fiver! 

However, i am a chav at heart and LOVE this foundation still! Still covers my rosey red cheeks too! Yes! 

No 7 blusher £9
Yes slightly pricey but grab when you have a £3 off glossy plus it lasts ages!
This No7 blush stays on all day too! I love a peach or pink in the blush! Gorgeous colours! 

Benefit some kind of gorgeous £24.50
Still an excellent compact to carry around with me, after discovering it as a teen!
I live how simple it is to apply and still love it for my complexion now nearing 30! 

No 7 eyeliners £7.50
Love them sooo much! I ALWAYS have a mermaid liner after discovering the shade about ten years ago! Some above like the sparkle ones are limited and the navy and black are standard. I love the black to do perfect flicks. If you want a perfect wing liner, i would recommend trying this No7 liner for sure! 

So there you have my favourites of all time! 
Do you share the love, or must i try your favourites out? Comment below! :) 


  1. Oh my gosh - Dream matte mousse brings back so many memories! I swear it was about a fiver last time I checked too! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Love the stuff so much! Maybe not so much at the new price tag! Ha! :)


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