Thursday, 17 March 2016

Zero tan lines - New from Benefit

This hits stores next weekend, Zero Tan lines by Benefit Cosmetics! Lucky for me there was an early release online and at boutiques, and i just so happened to be in London last weekend on release day! Yay! 

I picked up Zero Tan Lines and the new Hoola bronzing brush, which is super soft and so grest to use! 

I was aprehensive about this new tan product, as fake tan isn't my thing as the smell makes me gag! However, the easy applicator and fruity smell made me want to stock pile the stuff! 

When i say easy applicator, i mean it! Seriously. That little blob, swirled onto my arms gives an instant glow! Soo impressed!

Please note thought it isn't St Tropez standard but works for me with the subtle sun kissed look. I love it as it washes off and only lasts 12 hours! Plus it looks reslly dark, but once buffed in it isn't too dark! Hoola colour is a beautiful golden glow!

So here is my lovrly golden glow! 
I love it as i'll only bronze with Zero Tan Lines on my arms through the week for events, but Hoola everything up on a night out, including boons, legs and other ecposures! 
I promise it takes 2mins or less, is super eady and looks fab! I love this out of every one of the nee Benefit products! 

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