Friday, 11 March 2016

Ted Baker beauty bargain

I had eye'd up this gorgeous set st Christmas in Boots, but opted for the Soap& Glory instead. But was super sad as the case is beautiful! So when i saw Ted Baker Majestic Marvels pop up this week at £15 in Boots i snapped it up! 

With teo sets if each body care product and a hand cream, it was an amazing set! 

The body lotions are gorgeous, with rose gold pumps and beautiful pastel and floral designs, which i will definitel re-use again. I love my lotion to have a pump too, so these are brilliant for me.

There are 2 mini bath products in there, which sadly will go un-used for a while, but will look pretty on my dresser until then!
I just tried out the hand lotion and it smells so good! 

The body wash packaging is beautiful. With rose gold T on top of each, screw caos for easy access in the shower and the feel if the bittles is lovely and smooth. Feeling and looking so expensive.

Overall i am so pleased with this design and the products! It is gorgeous! 
These are still available on here right now too! :) 

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