Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March Birchbox

I actually forgot to unsubscribe so this was an unplanned Birchbox month! Ha. The treats inside were good though!  

The beauty profiling is getting better and i like some of the selection, but some really isn't me unfortunately, so mist of my box was given to friends to try out! 

There were 6 products in my box, and 2 of which were full sized ones! 

More Brows - Full size - RRP £ 
This is exactly the same as the Benefit Gimme Brow which i adore! Sadly this has been given away, as it is the light/ medium version and i am a dark girl. Excellent product though, for thickening up brows! 

Doctor Duve - sample packet
Anti aging eye cream. Nahhhh. I'm not 78, lets move on.

Amika - face mask
Winner! Love me a good face mask, and i love to try lots out there! So looking forward to slapping this on soon! 

Crea-m - The older, the smarter
Anti aging serum. Like another? I'm 29, not exactly granny age. Although i do like a good serum, i have given this away also. 

Lanolips - hand cream - full size RRP £12
Love a good handcream! I've out this in the girls bathroom at work, to see the reaction from them. I think it will be good as i've heard great things about the brand! 

Arrow - lip balm
I assume this is full size also, but unsure. I love lipbalm, so this is brilliant for me. I think it is Birchbox own brand. Love the packaging too! 

So all in all, a little bit os a waste of money for me. But, it's nice to have a fee things to try out and my friends are also very thankful! Ha. 

Did you like this months Birchbox? :)

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