Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lush Spring Event

With a massive bath filled with hundreds if bath bombs the night was sure to be amazing! 
As soon as the email popped into my inbox i was EXCITED! I responded in a cool and calm manner of STRAIGHT AWAY, and counted down to the Lush Spring event, and the alluring #TalesOfBath hashtag had me wondering. 
At 7.30 on Wednesday, a gaggle of bloggers congregated outside the Lush Leeds store, ready to be excited and wowed at the new products and the new spa treatments. We were let in and offered a drink, and were free to browse the store and try out various things. 
I am always somewhat overwhelmed with the colours and should i touch, or not. But i did get stuck in, and picked up some of the bath bombs and went around the store prodding, sniffing and photographing everything interesting. 
As i was sticking my nose into one of these Humoty Dumpty bath bombs, Urika from the Lush PR team came over and asked if i was Sam and introduced herself! Which was so nice of her, and great to feel so welcome! 
This Lushie was telling us about the benefit of each facemask, and explaining the difference between my favourite Catastrophe Cosmetic and others available.
 I LOVE Catastrophe and lots of other people there seem to too, whicj always make me feel good as i made a good choice. Plus the small patch of chin acne cleared up after using this for 2 weeks! So good. 
When i see a sign like this "Try Me" i MUST! I stuck in my hand and it was like being at the beach! Sand everywhere! But it made me laugh as Lush is just so much fun with things like this! 
We were able to make a Comforter bubble bar! Like that is amazing, with it being pink and bubblegum flavour, what is there not to love?! 
So you get a white and a pink piece, put them side to side, and turn. Keep turning until you get a cone, then squash and luckily mine had a swirl pattern! Yay! The smell was gorgeous. At the end we got to take them home too! 
It has to be left for 24 hours to harden, then it can be used! 
There was a demonstration of the Comforter, mixed with Brightside which was a smell sensation! 

He then showed us Humpty Dumpty which cracks open, like the big fall, and has a fried egg inside! 
There were all sorts to do and see, and it was pretty hard to squeeze it all in, as by 8.40 i realised i hadn't been down to the spa yet! If course i've been there before, as i wrote in this post here , but there were new treatments and i was keen to check them out! 
When you walk down the stairs and through the door you're pretty much transported elsewhere, with soothing sounds and calming fragrances, it is pure bliss in the spa area. 
The Tales Of Bath is a new treatment where a massage on the side of the body is carried out and afterwards a bath is taken to relax, with the BIGGEST bath bomb ever. (Its the ine with the pink light on the left! Huge!) It seems like my idea of total bliss. 
The massage is with oils and music to accompany the soothing sensation. The Tales Of Bath treatment is priced at £110 and worth every penny if those 75minutes spent there. 
As i was guided the around, with the Lushie in her blue stripe pjs, I felt relaxed with the atmosphere. It was lovely. 
Once the mini tour was over, i was offered a treatment out of a palm reading, arm massage or shoulder massage. I went for the arm massage. 
An oil is burnt which chocolate and rose flavour, and smells delcious! The oil is smoothed on and isn't too hot or even sticky! It felt so good and soaked in my skin super quick! My skin glowed after and looked refreshed and hydrated.
Look how cute those stripe PJs are! 
Once i was all relaxed i was guided back upstairs where i could purchase things. Best part if the night! However, i am on a budget do went for a face mask. 
I went for Love Lettuce which is an exfoliating mask and one to help with hydrating my oily yet dry skin. 
The Lushie at the til explained how i can use this and helped guide me through other products to use with it, which was so nice of him, as i love getting all the help i can with things! 
I was then handed a huge goody bag! Ahh amazing and exciting and i nearly did a dance! I played it cool though and looked at it all when i got home! Ha. I shall post that in Monday to let you about the awesome treats! 
So i just want to say thank you so much to the Lush Leeds team, the Lush PR team and of course Urika who invited me and made me feel so welcome! I had such a happy experience and i just love Lush! :)

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