Monday, 28 March 2016

Lush Spring event - The goody bag

So, i posted about the absolutely amazing Lush event that i went to at the Lush Leeds store and spa here . I also revealed i got an amazing goody bag! It was jam packed with pamper treats, which is perfect for the long bank holiday weekend! 

Well this is the lovely bunch of stuff i was gifted at the event to try out! I shall do a little run through as i love to bisey on other peoples goody bags too! 
Golden Egg - bath bomb £3.95
This super duper sparkly egg of golden delight smells like cocoa butter which will be gorgeous for my skin, with a subtle hint of orange and something i can't quite put my finger on. 
When i say super duper sparkly, i mean like a LOT! I cannot wait to use this! 
Comforter - bubblr bar - £4.95
I say £4.95 in the store, but this was made by my own fair hands. So priceless. Or worthless. Although it does resemble the Comforter we know and love... A bit. It smells of bubble gum and blackcurrent. Sweet yumminess! 
Green Bubbleroon - bubble bar - £3.75
This smells immediately if lime, then i get it, avacado! So gret to sniff! It also has a hint if shimmer! I think this is pretty to look at too. Great as i would never normally go for this in store! 
Full of Grace - serum bar - £8.25
This little delight smells of rose, but bot the over powering i think i'm gonna choke smell, a hint that is a floral love note. I admit i didn't quite understand this so read about it in the Lush catalogue and you just rub it on. It then melts with your body tempterature! Inwas impressed and so will be doing a post later this week on it. 
Therapy??? - massage bar - £6.50
This sounds excellent for this time of year when i start to get ready to show off more body parts to the world, as the weather changes! Cocoa butter and shea butter is what i get up my nose. This also works by massaging and warming to body temperature. 
Honey I Washed My Hair - shampoor bar - £5.95
I wanted to try one of these for so long! Honey is the key in this as well as a sweet smell of toffee. I love the smell and as the package says 80 washes i will be pleased to see it's progress! I think i'll need a tin to keep it in though!
 So there you go, a bag made up of pampering essentials for Bank holiday weekend! I also got Love Lettuce face mask to try out and will post about that this week too! I have some sneak peeks on snapchat (sampan26) right now too! Hope you enjoyed seeing my lucky bag from Wednesday! :)

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