Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lush face pamper

After receiving this amazing haul of Lush goodies from the event last Weds at Leeds Lush Spa, i decided to have a lively pamper with the facial ones over the bank holiday weekend! To start with i used the serum bar...
Full if Grace - serum bar - £8.25
This smells of rose and feels buttery. At first i didn't quite understand hoe it worked, but after reading in the book, to fo circle motions as it melts to body temperature, i went for it.
Circle all over my face. It looked quite shiny, but the Lushie at Leeds told me to use this then my face mask, so i gave this a whirl. 
I really liked the softness during and feel afterwards. The smell wasn't over powering and my skin was lovely after! 
Love Lettuce - face mask - £6.75
Then i was face mask time! I went for this as it said it would give a nice glow and hydrate my skin. The smell of seaweed was subtle too which i was a fan of! 
This has crushed almonds in, which means it is an exfoiliator mask which is good to scrub away that dead skin. 
Looking mighty fine if you saw on my snapchat - sampan26 - i posted a video and photos on there of these treats! 
It felt so cooling! It was a lovely 15 mins.
My skin felt so good after that i didn't moisturise as i think the Full of Grace serum bar did the trick! 
The next day i had a few spots, which is usual with masks, and my skin still feels great! It says to use 2-3 times a week, and i will stick at it as i only need this pot to get my free mask! Yay! :) 


  1. Love this !! I was confused as to how to use the serum too! I wish I picked up a mask at the event!! Great post darling !

    1. I know! So glad for the booklet ha! The face masks are lovely! Thank you :)


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