Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Love me beauty box

I spotted an offer on Groupon for 3 months of Love Me Beauty for £14! So i signed up excited to see how i'd get! 
The ordering is with a points system of 60 points per month, to use against the product samples. 
Beauty bag - 20 points 
Cautlyn lip gloss - 20 points
Nuxe toner - 10 points
Nuxe cleanser - 10 points
This Nuce cleanser is meant to help remove make up as well as cleansing the skin. I am looking forward to teyinf it out! 
 A cute bag to keep all my samples in is always brilliant!
This gloss was a last minute change if heart when inspotted it, over anither moisturiser. It said matte and i was sold in it.
U was hoping it was more of a brown or nude tone when i saw it, but it is more pink so i'm not sure i'll wear it sadly. Boo. Great formular though and a vibrant shade. If it was a colour i would suit, i know it would be a great full colour gloss! Hopefully there will be a swatch with the make up items next time.
So looking at all of this it is a pretty good subscription with a discount, but for the full price of £10 plus postage a month for 4 samples is a little steep. I am looking forward to next months samples though! 

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