Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Leeds March Meet

Woohoo party time indeed! It was the Leeds March meet on Sunday and it was so much fun. Like seriously! Sometimes i read posts like yeah right, but it was really enjoyable. 
The event even had a hashtag #LeedsMarchMeet ! Yay! 
It was in Crowd of Favours, which is near the bus station in Leeds and is a lovely venue. Just my sort of pub, with Sunday roasts and comfy seats! Our little section was downstairs, typical on the sunniest day of the year huh? 
Lucky for us though, Carrieanne had decorated it like fairy princess and unicorn haven! It all looked so amazing! I was overwhelmed when I got there and saw it all! I took a seat with Kat and Heather. I knew Kat from twitter so it was nice to put a face to the name and all that jazz! 
There were a few activities to do, like name badge making so i was keen to do that, as i always find it a bit awkward to ask "who are you then, eh?" I am pro name badge fo sho! 
Here is the name badge making corner, full of glittery card, letters, stick on things and everything! I went all out for glamour and I am pretty proud of the result. 

I went for my twitter handle, as i find ir the best way to tell who is who, as I just LOVE twitter! Next to the badge making craft table, were lots of sweet treats! 

Carrieanne was up making the treats on the morning! All unicorn themed! Yay! Cupcakes were lemon flavoured and delcious! We could take a little party bag full of colourful treats home with us! Ah so lovely of her! 

Also in the sweet treats section was lots of Metcalf's popcorn for us to munch on! I am loving sweet n salty at the moment, best of both worlds! Yummy! There was also honey flavour too, which i will also take the arduous task of sampling, just for you lovely readers. Life's hard with things like this to try out ;-) 

Also before going on, this was all to raise a little charity money and donate a few things to Carrieanne's chosen food bank, who are crying out for help. So it felt good to do something great for the day!
I brought the above things, as I read women were asking for razors and feminine products and then who doesn't love some good condtioner? Hopefully I brought along some decent things! 

Of course there was a raffle to get excited about! £1 a ticket, with all proceeds go to buying food for the food bank, to keep them well stocked as well as giving them lots of items they're in need of.

I obviously won nothing, BUT I love the raffle draw, as everyone is always so excited! Ha! It's great to be happy for others and their wins while raising some charity money! I felt great for that! 

Lots if amazing prizes were donated! The bags though, pink with princess castles on were AMAZING! Pretty gutted I didn't win one of those beauties! 

Also there was pin the horn on the unicorn to play! A little like pin the tail on the donkey, but the other end so to speak! 

Soo much fun! I did cheat by feeling my way around the poster, I do admit, and I was close for a while, but was pipped to the prize by some other amazing pinners!
Here is Carrianne helping Jemma - @dorkfaceblog pin her horn! :)

So i munched on the rest of my cupcake, and people watched. The room was split with two sets of sofas, and so it was great to watch everyone having dun interacting. Of course i got up and chatted to people like Hayley - Tea Party Beauty, who then introduced me to others and I also said hey to Rhianna who hosted the last event I attended, have a nosey at that amazing day here.

Of course there were party hats! 
Ahem, anyhow, once the raffle was drawn, people decided to disburse, so the much anticipated goody bags were handed out! Yay! They are amazing! I will be sure to do a post on those soon. 

So all in all a bloody brilliant day! 
Thank you so much Carrieanne for doing this and making it so pink and special! I loved how laid back it was, being able to chat, join in on the activities as well as sitting back and enjoying the armosphere of it all!
I will definitely be heading out to more events soon, as this was a confidence booster and i know it will be so much fun again! :) 


  1. It was lovely having you and I can't wait to update you on everything we managed to get for the food bank. Picking up the last bits today and then I'll send them over x

  2. It was really fun! My only regret is I sat on the comfiest sofa ever and stayed so barely got around to meet everyone!

    1. I was the same! Such a shame we didn't get to chat! :)


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