Sunday, 27 March 2016

Leeds March Meet - The goody bag!

LOOK AT IT ALL! My arm nearly dropped off when Carrieanne handed me the massive, and very heavy, bag! 
I acted cool but inside i was doing somersalts! EXCITING! 
I rushed home and sat with mama and papa and went through it all! Every product included is just what i would use or would come in handy for mum or dad! So, onto the reveal... 
We'll go too down to the bottom, so first products are:
Metcalf's popcorn 
Cinema sweet was in the goody bag and sweet n salt and honey bee were grabbed at the snack area! Plus these are 93-117 calories! Which is so wonderful for my new diet! 
It tastes SO good and i would buy again! Yum! 
Life's Little Adventures - blog planner
Type The Hype - blog planner
I need several of these in my life as i seem to not hold anything in my head lately. The seive upstairs is hard work for my blog and so these shall be left on my desk at work for my inspiration. The Life's Little Adventure also is personalised to #LeedsMarchMeet ! Yay! It starts Monday and i am ready and raring for it! 
Lots of kid party type sweeties that we were able to take away in super cute party bags! Some snacks were even made by Carrieanne! She's so great :) 
Bee Good - lip balm - Raspberry & White Chocolate
I LOVE anything bee made, as the properties of honey or propalis are great healing ones! This smells lovely and i cannot wait to use it on my current chapped smooches! 
Creightons - The Curl Company - Curl Defining Mousse
I myself have straight hair so i am giving this to my Mum, who is going to give me a full report on it. Thank you for this as she is exceptionally happy! 
Viridian - Scandinavian Rainbow Trout oil
As it happens, my Dad just ran out of vitamins code liver oil, and shall replace this for those. He will also give a full report after using! It has not gone to waste. Also the bag is from Viridian and i love a jute shopper! 
Anova - dry oil
I only have 1mm of my current dry oil and so i was SO hapoy to have this! Plus it has a hint of shimmer which i adore in summer! 
MooGoo - Cover uo Buttercup - SPF 15 natural moisturiser
Anything with SPF is my friend, as i walk to work and my body needs this friend. MooGoo is meant to be amazing and i already have a lipbalm from the last Leeds blog event that i attended, which you can read about here ! So i am looking forward to using this.
Fake Me - Tanning Lotion - Medium
Woah this is a dark looking thing! I usually go for a gradual tanner, but when i wiped it off there was no smell and it actually wasn't super dark. So i will give it a whirl on my legs soon! 
Just Bee - blueberry, lemon& a hint of honey
I love this drink and cannot find it in shops! Waahhhh! I tried it back in December at the meet, and i am desperate for some more so let me jnow WHERE to find the stockists around here! It is so refreshing and tasty and good as it's less than 50 calories!
Lush - Fun - snakes & Ladders
Smells amazing, and it's Lush! What us there not to love?! 
Thank you card - containing £5 off Bee Good
Aw so lovely of Carrieanne! Made me super proud to be part of the Leeds March Meet! 
I will be using this on something different from Bee Good maybe a cleanser of some sort of facial skin product! I shall post when i have decided and bought it soon! :) 
So let's be honest an bloody great treat: haul of amazing products! Oh also a party hat which is sitting pretty in my room!
Thank you once again to Carrieanne and of course all the brands involved here! :) 


  1. I tried to get a nice mix of stuff for lifestyle, beauty and fitness bloggers and was happy with it. Glad you liked it too. My mum always pinch stuff from my goody bags too x

    1. It was such a brilliant mix! Thank you so much! :)


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