Lush face pamper

After receiving this amazing haul of Lush goodies from the event last Weds at Leeds Lush Spa, i decided to have a lively pamper with the facial ones over the bank holiday weekend! To start with i used the serum bar...
Full if Grace - serum bar - £8.25
This smells of rose and feels buttery. At first i didn't quite understand hoe it worked, but after reading in the book, to fo circle motions as it melts to body temperature, i went for it.
Circle all over my face. It looked quite shiny, but the Lushie at Leeds told me to use this then my face mask, so i gave this a whirl. 
I really liked the softness during and feel afterwards. The smell wasn't over powering and my skin was lovely after! 
Love Lettuce - face mask - £6.75
Then i was face mask time! I went for this as it said it would give a nice glow and hydrate my skin. The smell of seaweed was subtle too which i was a fan of! 
This has crushed almonds in, which means it is an exfoiliator mask which is good to scrub away that dead skin. 
Looking mighty fine if you saw on my snapchat - sampan26 - i posted a video and photos on there of these treats! 
It felt so cooling! It was a lovely 15 mins.
My skin felt so good after that i didn't moisturise as i think the Full of Grace serum bar did the trick! 
The next day i had a few spots, which is usual with masks, and my skin still feels great! It says to use 2-3 times a week, and i will stick at it as i only need this pot to get my free mask! Yay! :) 

Lush Spring event - The goody bag

So, i posted about the absolutely amazing Lush event that i went to at the Lush Leeds store and spa here . I also revealed i got an amazing goody bag! It was jam packed with pamper treats, which is perfect for the long bank holiday weekend! 

Well this is the lovely bunch of stuff i was gifted at the event to try out! I shall do a little run through as i love to bisey on other peoples goody bags too! 
Golden Egg - bath bomb £3.95
This super duper sparkly egg of golden delight smells like cocoa butter which will be gorgeous for my skin, with a subtle hint of orange and something i can't quite put my finger on. 
When i say super duper sparkly, i mean like a LOT! I cannot wait to use this! 
Comforter - bubblr bar - £4.95
I say £4.95 in the store, but this was made by my own fair hands. So priceless. Or worthless. Although it does resemble the Comforter we know and love... A bit. It smells of bubble gum and blackcurrent. Sweet yumminess! 
Green Bubbleroon - bubble bar - £3.75
This smells immediately if lime, then i get it, avacado! So gret to sniff! It also has a hint if shimmer! I think this is pretty to look at too. Great as i would never normally go for this in store! 
Full of Grace - serum bar - £8.25
This little delight smells of rose, but bot the over powering i think i'm gonna choke smell, a hint that is a floral love note. I admit i didn't quite understand this so read about it in the Lush catalogue and you just rub it on. It then melts with your body tempterature! Inwas impressed and so will be doing a post later this week on it. 
Therapy??? - massage bar - £6.50
This sounds excellent for this time of year when i start to get ready to show off more body parts to the world, as the weather changes! Cocoa butter and shea butter is what i get up my nose. This also works by massaging and warming to body temperature. 
Honey I Washed My Hair - shampoor bar - £5.95
I wanted to try one of these for so long! Honey is the key in this as well as a sweet smell of toffee. I love the smell and as the package says 80 washes i will be pleased to see it's progress! I think i'll need a tin to keep it in though!
 So there you go, a bag made up of pampering essentials for Bank holiday weekend! I also got Love Lettuce face mask to try out and will post about that this week too! I have some sneak peeks on snapchat (sampan26) right now too! Hope you enjoyed seeing my lucky bag from Wednesday! :)

Leeds March Meet - The goody bag!

LOOK AT IT ALL! My arm nearly dropped off when Carrieanne handed me the massive, and very heavy, bag! 
I acted cool but inside i was doing somersalts! EXCITING! 
I rushed home and sat with mama and papa and went through it all! Every product included is just what i would use or would come in handy for mum or dad! So, onto the reveal... 
We'll go too down to the bottom, so first products are:
Metcalf's popcorn 
Cinema sweet was in the goody bag and sweet n salt and honey bee were grabbed at the snack area! Plus these are 93-117 calories! Which is so wonderful for my new diet! 
It tastes SO good and i would buy again! Yum! 
Life's Little Adventures - blog planner
Type The Hype - blog planner
I need several of these in my life as i seem to not hold anything in my head lately. The seive upstairs is hard work for my blog and so these shall be left on my desk at work for my inspiration. The Life's Little Adventure also is personalised to #LeedsMarchMeet ! Yay! It starts Monday and i am ready and raring for it! 
Lots of kid party type sweeties that we were able to take away in super cute party bags! Some snacks were even made by Carrieanne! She's so great :) 
Bee Good - lip balm - Raspberry & White Chocolate
I LOVE anything bee made, as the properties of honey or propalis are great healing ones! This smells lovely and i cannot wait to use it on my current chapped smooches! 
Creightons - The Curl Company - Curl Defining Mousse
I myself have straight hair so i am giving this to my Mum, who is going to give me a full report on it. Thank you for this as she is exceptionally happy! 
Viridian - Scandinavian Rainbow Trout oil
As it happens, my Dad just ran out of vitamins code liver oil, and shall replace this for those. He will also give a full report after using! It has not gone to waste. Also the bag is from Viridian and i love a jute shopper! 
Anova - dry oil
I only have 1mm of my current dry oil and so i was SO hapoy to have this! Plus it has a hint of shimmer which i adore in summer! 
MooGoo - Cover uo Buttercup - SPF 15 natural moisturiser
Anything with SPF is my friend, as i walk to work and my body needs this friend. MooGoo is meant to be amazing and i already have a lipbalm from the last Leeds blog event that i attended, which you can read about here ! So i am looking forward to using this.
Fake Me - Tanning Lotion - Medium
Woah this is a dark looking thing! I usually go for a gradual tanner, but when i wiped it off there was no smell and it actually wasn't super dark. So i will give it a whirl on my legs soon! 
Just Bee - blueberry, lemon& a hint of honey
I love this drink and cannot find it in shops! Waahhhh! I tried it back in December at the meet, and i am desperate for some more so let me jnow WHERE to find the stockists around here! It is so refreshing and tasty and good as it's less than 50 calories!
Lush - Fun - snakes & Ladders
Smells amazing, and it's Lush! What us there not to love?! 
Thank you card - containing £5 off Bee Good
Aw so lovely of Carrieanne! Made me super proud to be part of the Leeds March Meet! 
I will be using this on something different from Bee Good maybe a cleanser of some sort of facial skin product! I shall post when i have decided and bought it soon! :) 
So let's be honest an bloody great treat: haul of amazing products! Oh also a party hat which is sitting pretty in my room!
Thank you once again to Carrieanne and of course all the brands involved here! :) 

Lush Spring Event

With a massive bath filled with hundreds if bath bombs the night was sure to be amazing! 
As soon as the email popped into my inbox i was EXCITED! I responded in a cool and calm manner of STRAIGHT AWAY, and counted down to the Lush Spring event, and the alluring #TalesOfBath hashtag had me wondering. 
At 7.30 on Wednesday, a gaggle of bloggers congregated outside the Lush Leeds store, ready to be excited and wowed at the new products and the new spa treatments. We were let in and offered a drink, and were free to browse the store and try out various things. 
I am always somewhat overwhelmed with the colours and should i touch, or not. But i did get stuck in, and picked up some of the bath bombs and went around the store prodding, sniffing and photographing everything interesting. 
As i was sticking my nose into one of these Humoty Dumpty bath bombs, Urika from the Lush PR team came over and asked if i was Sam and introduced herself! Which was so nice of her, and great to feel so welcome! 
This Lushie was telling us about the benefit of each facemask, and explaining the difference between my favourite Catastrophe Cosmetic and others available.
 I LOVE Catastrophe and lots of other people there seem to too, whicj always make me feel good as i made a good choice. Plus the small patch of chin acne cleared up after using this for 2 weeks! So good. 
When i see a sign like this "Try Me" i MUST! I stuck in my hand and it was like being at the beach! Sand everywhere! But it made me laugh as Lush is just so much fun with things like this! 
We were able to make a Comforter bubble bar! Like that is amazing, with it being pink and bubblegum flavour, what is there not to love?! 
So you get a white and a pink piece, put them side to side, and turn. Keep turning until you get a cone, then squash and luckily mine had a swirl pattern! Yay! The smell was gorgeous. At the end we got to take them home too! 
It has to be left for 24 hours to harden, then it can be used! 
There was a demonstration of the Comforter, mixed with Brightside which was a smell sensation! 

He then showed us Humpty Dumpty which cracks open, like the big fall, and has a fried egg inside! 
There were all sorts to do and see, and it was pretty hard to squeeze it all in, as by 8.40 i realised i hadn't been down to the spa yet! If course i've been there before, as i wrote in this post here , but there were new treatments and i was keen to check them out! 
When you walk down the stairs and through the door you're pretty much transported elsewhere, with soothing sounds and calming fragrances, it is pure bliss in the spa area. 
The Tales Of Bath is a new treatment where a massage on the side of the body is carried out and afterwards a bath is taken to relax, with the BIGGEST bath bomb ever. (Its the ine with the pink light on the left! Huge!) It seems like my idea of total bliss. 
The massage is with oils and music to accompany the soothing sensation. The Tales Of Bath treatment is priced at £110 and worth every penny if those 75minutes spent there. 
As i was guided the around, with the Lushie in her blue stripe pjs, I felt relaxed with the atmosphere. It was lovely. 
Once the mini tour was over, i was offered a treatment out of a palm reading, arm massage or shoulder massage. I went for the arm massage. 
An oil is burnt which chocolate and rose flavour, and smells delcious! The oil is smoothed on and isn't too hot or even sticky! It felt so good and soaked in my skin super quick! My skin glowed after and looked refreshed and hydrated.
Look how cute those stripe PJs are! 
Once i was all relaxed i was guided back upstairs where i could purchase things. Best part if the night! However, i am on a budget do went for a face mask. 
I went for Love Lettuce which is an exfoliating mask and one to help with hydrating my oily yet dry skin. 
The Lushie at the til explained how i can use this and helped guide me through other products to use with it, which was so nice of him, as i love getting all the help i can with things! 
I was then handed a huge goody bag! Ahh amazing and exciting and i nearly did a dance! I played it cool though and looked at it all when i got home! Ha. I shall post that in Monday to let you about the awesome treats! 
So i just want to say thank you so much to the Lush Leeds team, the Lush PR team and of course Urika who invited me and made me feel so welcome! I had such a happy experience and i just love Lush! :)