Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Update: Soap and Glory - The Whole She Bang

This is just to say I really bloomin' love the large Soap and Glory set!

I hopped on the hype train for Christmas, as everyone raved about it, and I am SO glad I did, as the products inside are amazing!
Stand out products which I have fallen head over heels for are;
Heel Genius - foot cream
125ml £5.50
Every January we have an exhibition at work, which means we are on our feet for about 9-10 hours, so this was by far the best gift I could ask for. The soothing lotion is cooling and moisturises SO well. I will have to repurchase when it runs out!

(This is on my desk at work- yum daily!)
Hand Food - hand cream
125ml £5.50
This stuff smells amazing! however, not in the too sickly, I need to wash it off, kind of way. Gorgeous! My hands are lovely and nourished too, without being greasy, which is a good thing, when some hand creams have your fingers slipping and sliding all over the keyboard!

Clean On Me - Shower gel
500ml £6.50
500 ml of the stuff, with a pump which I prefer in the shower! This smells dlecious too, and I get a scent of it throughout the day. Absolutely gorgeous!

So these are my 3 current favourites, however, I have yet used the Peaches and Cream cleansing milk, as I am still using up my No7, and the Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint tanner is getting slapped straight on, as soon as spring hits, and I can stop wearing jumpers! I just had a sniff and it smells of tge friity scent of pink/ Righteous mixed with coconuts! Not a scent of biscuits (self tanner) around! Amazing!

Oh also, how brilliant is the bag?! I have stored all my shower treats I have from Christmas inside there, plus my new mascaras, which seem to be taking over, so that I can get a fresh one out each month! Yay!

Did you get a Soap and glory set? What are your favourite products? Comment and let me know! :)

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