Thursday, 25 February 2016

No7 beauty post

So, the nights leaving working are getting lighter which means spring is on it's way after the long, cold and dark as hell winter! It also must mean No7 are back with a free gift! Yay! 

A gorgeous pastel tall box is free when you buy 2 or more make up products! 

Inside are some excellent goodies for us emerging from hibernation! 
Beautiful Skin dry skin rescue - i love this stuff! First got it in the Christmas Ultimate Collection and now it is a saviour! Glad to have a mini for on the go!
Eye shadow lilac - i do tend to stay with bronze and browns, but in sprinf i do need to lighten up and this is great for that! 
Lovely Lashes mascara - Seems hood for an everyday mascara. 
Strength & Grow treatment for nails - always need thos for my delicate nails! 

To get the freebie i went for a new eye shadow, bronze of course! £7

Ok, so my favourite shade is bronze so whaaaaaat?! Can't beat the habit now, i am too far gone.

Plus Morrocan Sands sounded so exotoc that it warmed me up! Heh! 

I also went for a lip gloss, which is a BB (beauty balm) for lips with an SPF of 15. £9
Great for the upcoming changing weather! Plus it also has a nice coral tint to it! 

I also had some glossy vouchers so stocked up on face wipes as i LOVE No7 ones! They also keep fresh in the re-sealable plastic clip pouch!
£7 or £2 with voucher!

So pretty great offer at No7 counters right now! :)


  1. The post is fantastic! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  2. How have I never tried No7 makeup before? I really love the look of that eyeshadow, such a gorgeous shade. I'm really loving burnt oranges and similar tones lately :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Whaaat?! No way! I guess they do get put in the "old women's" category for some reason, but they're on trend loads! Yeah the shadow is so nice! :)


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