Tuesday, 9 February 2016

New Loreal Elvive

Loreal have a new range out under their Elvive brand, which is a blend of clay. I know it sounds odd, but it is formulated to help with ouly roots. Perfect for my head, as after 2 days my hair is a grease ball! 

The tub in centre is a mask, which helps nouroshe and restore health into hair again. This is to be put on 10-15 mins before hair washing commences, which lets be honest is annoying, but i mess around a lot and probably waste 15 mons before getting into the shower as i fona things to tidy or remember to suddenly do something. Yeah, it drives my family mad, but helps with the mask situation! 

I then used the shampoo& contioner, which both amell lovely and after drying my hair it was full of volume and bounce! Such a great range! 

Here is me just after a hair dry! 
 A little crazy with the bounce but i love the feeling of colume! I soo recommend these Loreal products! Even my friends who used them are saying the same! :) 

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