Monday, 1 February 2016

New from Benefit - Porefessional masks

A little briefcase of wonder is here! Pack with 8 little packets of face mask strips, from the Porefessional range by Benefit Cosmetics. 

The mask gets to work by pishing on tjat big blue button, as it releases it's liquid, that moisturises the fabric piece. 

Like this! 
The fabric piece which is the mask is the perfect size for nose, forehead or chin, which is where i used it. 

Looking fab in my Poressional mask here...! 
The strip then works as a moisture mask to suck out all the impurities and clean up that particular area. Afterwards just wip away the dirt with the other sode of the mask. 

Then feel how smooth and amazingly silky the face area feels. So great! Like amazing! I do wish it was a full face mask now instead of just a strip! 

My chin is feeling so good and still super soft the next morning! 
Love these and will be taking them to the girls at work to try out too! :) 

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