Monday, 29 February 2016

Mission accepted, Benefit

I got a top secret package in the post on Friday! A gorgeous pink jiffy bag, which contained a mission, should i choose to accept it. Thankfully, it disn't self destruct afterwards! Ha. 
The mission was sent from Benefit Cosmetics, to try out their new addition to the Porefessional family, which i admit is my favourite range. I cannot live without porefessional primer now a days, so this was an exciting opportunity! 
Keeping in theme with the Spy Gal packaging, this is a quirky take on the Porefessional original concept. With a silver shiny tube and cap, this matte shine control formula was beautiful to look at, as well as being fun too! 
When i saw green for this new Matte Rescue, i admit it freaked me out, as compared to the original Porefessional it is like WOAH! Anyhow, i pulled myself together and slapped it on my face. 
And look at this NO SHINE! Usually my forehead has light biuncing off it, so this is amazing to see! I think this Matte Rescue is used first, then the usual Porefessional before your foundation, but i think i would be happy to use just this in the upcoming warmer months! This Porefessional Matte Rescue, paired with the License To Blot blotting stick will be amazing in summer! 
Me standing in the window on a rare sunny day on Sat, and NO SHINE! I am definitely a matte girl, and i am so glad i got to try this, as i was skeptical when i heard about it. I should really stop doubt Benefit, as their products are always brilliant! 
This new Porefessional Matte Rescue is £21.50 and is out now! :) 

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