Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

As a single, i don't celebrate Valentines. But i was inspired by all the build up this year, and so have a few photos of things to share. 
I had my nails done again yesterday and went for a cute heart on each hand. Subtle and i like it. 
I went to a Valentines fair yesterday in town, which was full of bath bombs, cabdles and cute ornaments to give. I loved that as it was so different to shop bought tatt. 
These heart shaped bath fizzes are great as they're individually wrapped amd so i will pop them in friends birthday presents theoughout the year! I loved the Valentines crackers filled with heart shaped confetti and scented soaps, one of which is Chanel No5! Lovely! 
This is a collection of excellent things from the past week. The Benefit coasters are all lovey, the red berry shade of Max Factor lipstick which i actually suit, yay! Then there's the new Maybelline mascara  that i just bought on Friday and i love it! Post on that next week! :) 


  1. Nothing wrong with celebrating for the sack of it haha looks at Galentine's Day! It's the perfect excuse. Tbh I love Valentine's day just because there's so many things in the shops with hearts on and amazing pieces like this!! Happy valentine's day gorgeous lady xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I quite liked it this year :) Yeah such a cute time in the shops! Thank you :)


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