Thursday, 11 February 2016

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon blush

So, I had a few Boots points build up over the festive season, and was saving them up for something a little bit special, when this week I spotted this gorgeous new Chanel blusher, called Sunkissed Ribbon - Blush harmony.

The blush is made up of different pink shades, as well as an orange and tan stripe. As soon as I spotted it in the previews, I knew I wanted it.

As with most Chanel compacts, it comes with a cute brush, with soft bristles, all inside a velvet pouch, perfect to protect the blush!

There is also a scent to the Harmonie De Blush compact,  a rose and floral fragrance wafts towards my nose when opening the Sunkissed Ribbon compact, which makes opening my new Chanel even more delightful.

I admit, it is a little TOO pretty to use, but I will definitely get stuck in there, just to have a different tone on my cheeks, as I love to mixed it up weekly.

I love getting a different Chanel compact each year, last year I got the Lumiere D'Ete - Illuminating powder, which is a gorgeous compact of bronzer, in the shape of a flower. So beautiful, and untouched, until this week! I sadly missed out on the Spring edition Camelia Rose. 

However, i did grab the Les Beiges - Healthy Glow Multi Colour in summer, which is a lot more plain than the other limited editions, but one which i can use daily, as it isn't as pretty! Ha! 

I think I will start a collection of these, as I love seeing Bristish Beauty Blogger 's Instagram throw backs of them all! And let's be honest, I Just LOVE Chanel! :)

This Sunkissed Ribbon compact is £44 and available at Boots here  now! :)

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