Mission accepted, Benefit

I got a top secret package in the post on Friday! A gorgeous pink jiffy bag, which contained a mission, should i choose to accept it. Thankfully, it disn't self destruct afterwards! Ha. 
The mission was sent from Benefit Cosmetics, to try out their new addition to the Porefessional family, which i admit is my favourite range. I cannot live without porefessional primer now a days, so this was an exciting opportunity! 
Keeping in theme with the Spy Gal packaging, this is a quirky take on the Porefessional original concept. With a silver shiny tube and cap, this matte shine control formula was beautiful to look at, as well as being fun too! 
When i saw green for this new Matte Rescue, i admit it freaked me out, as compared to the original Porefessional it is like WOAH! Anyhow, i pulled myself together and slapped it on my face. 
And look at this NO SHINE! Usually my forehead has light biuncing off it, so this is amazing to see! I think this Matte Rescue is used first, then the usual Porefessional before your foundation, but i think i would be happy to use just this in the upcoming warmer months! This Porefessional Matte Rescue, paired with the License To Blot blotting stick will be amazing in summer! 
Me standing in the window on a rare sunny day on Sat, and NO SHINE! I am definitely a matte girl, and i am so glad i got to try this, as i was skeptical when i heard about it. I should really stop doubt Benefit, as their products are always brilliant! 
This new Porefessional Matte Rescue is £21.50 and is out now! :) 

No7 beauty post

So, the nights leaving working are getting lighter which means spring is on it's way after the long, cold and dark as hell winter! It also must mean No7 are back with a free gift! Yay! 

A gorgeous pastel tall box is free when you buy 2 or more make up products! 

Inside are some excellent goodies for us emerging from hibernation! 
Beautiful Skin dry skin rescue - i love this stuff! First got it in the Christmas Ultimate Collection and now it is a saviour! Glad to have a mini for on the go!
Eye shadow lilac - i do tend to stay with bronze and browns, but in sprinf i do need to lighten up and this is great for that! 
Lovely Lashes mascara - Seems hood for an everyday mascara. 
Strength & Grow treatment for nails - always need thos for my delicate nails! 

To get the freebie i went for a new eye shadow, bronze of course! £7

Ok, so my favourite shade is bronze so whaaaaaat?! Can't beat the habit now, i am too far gone.

Plus Morrocan Sands sounded so exotoc that it warmed me up! Heh! 

I also went for a lip gloss, which is a BB (beauty balm) for lips with an SPF of 15. £9
Great for the upcoming changing weather! Plus it also has a nice coral tint to it! 

I also had some glossy vouchers so stocked up on face wipes as i LOVE No7 ones! They also keep fresh in the re-sealable plastic clip pouch!
£7 or £2 with voucher!

So pretty great offer at No7 counters right now! :)

Sanctuary, i am back in love.

I got this set on offer £22 for ALL of this amazing things back i January! When i got to the tills it was only £13.50! My Boots points well spent.

However, i read that Sanctiary were using plastic beads in their scrub, so this was a big no no, and so this sat on a shelf in my office. 

But this week I read that Sanctuary had re formulated their profucta and now they didn't include the plastic beads! So i quickly got out all this lovely lot and yay no beads! 

I am SO excited to smell amazingly of Sanctuary again now as their body butter is my favourite and the hand cream is THE BEST! Yes Sanctuary! Well done!! :) 

Slipknot - Leeds Arena

Slipknot, I hear you gasp! Yes, and they are by far one of the best, if not THE, best live bands I have ever seen.

I saw them for the first time at Sheffield arena last January, and as soon as this Leeds date was announced, I rallied around, got all my friends involved, and tickets were snapped up!

So, these were a band I listened to back in High School, when times were tough and I needed an escape, but after all these years, I still love their music, and being able to see them live was a dream!

The way the crowd moves, jumps and enjoys a Slipknot show is like nothing else, and believe me I have seen some amazing bands in my time.

I don't think I would ever get bored of seeing these guys!
It was mentioned that Iowa is 15 this year! Like, that is crazy, as I still listen to it now, and actually remember it being released. Yes, hashtag old.

If there was one band I'd say go see, it would be these guys. I am still yet to see them at a festival, but I will get myself to the outdoor arena as soon as they're announced, and enjoy it in a festival environment, as it will be even more spectacular!
I had a pretty amazing Valentines weekend! How did yours go? Comment below! :)

New Max Factor Volumlous False lash effect

I know, another mascara post, but there are SO many coming out right now, I must get through them all. I am a mascara addict, believe me!
So ,Max Factor are back with a new mascara as part of their much loved False Lash Effect. 

The wand is twisted and grabs all my lashes to help with the volume effect, which is what i always want from a mascara. I am really impressed with it. However, it does flake a little towards the end of the day, whicj isn't brilliant as i am a contact lense wearer. The original, is definitely the best in the Max Factor stales. 

Update: Soap and Glory - The Whole She Bang

This is just to say I really bloomin' love the large Soap and Glory set!

I hopped on the hype train for Christmas, as everyone raved about it, and I am SO glad I did, as the products inside are amazing!
Stand out products which I have fallen head over heels for are;
Heel Genius - foot cream
125ml £5.50
Every January we have an exhibition at work, which means we are on our feet for about 9-10 hours, so this was by far the best gift I could ask for. The soothing lotion is cooling and moisturises SO well. I will have to repurchase when it runs out!

(This is on my desk at work- yum daily!)
Hand Food - hand cream
125ml £5.50
This stuff smells amazing! however, not in the too sickly, I need to wash it off, kind of way. Gorgeous! My hands are lovely and nourished too, without being greasy, which is a good thing, when some hand creams have your fingers slipping and sliding all over the keyboard!

Clean On Me - Shower gel
500ml £6.50
500 ml of the stuff, with a pump which I prefer in the shower! This smells dlecious too, and I get a scent of it throughout the day. Absolutely gorgeous!

So these are my 3 current favourites, however, I have yet used the Peaches and Cream cleansing milk, as I am still using up my No7, and the Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint tanner is getting slapped straight on, as soon as spring hits, and I can stop wearing jumpers! I just had a sniff and it smells of tge friity scent of pink/ Righteous mixed with coconuts! Not a scent of biscuits (self tanner) around! Amazing!

Oh also, how brilliant is the bag?! I have stored all my shower treats I have from Christmas inside there, plus my new mascaras, which seem to be taking over, so that I can get a fresh one out each month! Yay!

Did you get a Soap and glory set? What are your favourite products? Comment and let me know! :)

The new Maybelline mascara

Maybelline usually win at mascara, don't they? Their falsies range and even prior ones have always been brilliant on my eyes. Well when i saw this new offering i had to try it out, as i saw rave reviews. 

I thought it might have been double ended, but alas just one wand, a near perfect wand at that, which twists out of the top red end. 

Here is one coat of the very black shade, and hoe great do my lashes look?! I am so impressed!

My lashes naturally go down, so the lift with this Maybelline the falsies push up drama is amazing! I have definitely found my new favourite with this mascara! And it is on offer £5.99 in Boots, so £2 off! :)

My finish look with the Maybelline the flasies push up drama mascara on, berry ted Marilyn Monroe Max Factor lipstick, Chanel Les Beiges as blush, They're Real liner in black and Seventeen bronze shadow! :)

Happy Valentines Day!

As a single, i don't celebrate Valentines. But i was inspired by all the build up this year, and so have a few photos of things to share. 
I had my nails done again yesterday and went for a cute heart on each hand. Subtle and i like it. 
I went to a Valentines fair yesterday in town, which was full of bath bombs, cabdles and cute ornaments to give. I loved that as it was so different to shop bought tatt. 
These heart shaped bath fizzes are great as they're individually wrapped amd so i will pop them in friends birthday presents theoughout the year! I loved the Valentines crackers filled with heart shaped confetti and scented soaps, one of which is Chanel No5! Lovely! 
This is a collection of excellent things from the past week. The Benefit coasters are all lovey, the red berry shade of Max Factor lipstick which i actually suit, yay! Then there's the new Maybelline mascara  that i just bought on Friday and i love it! Post on that next week! :) 

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe

I recently got this from the So Post sampling offers. 
Now,  red isn't a colour i usually go for, but i really like it! 
It's creamy and a great lipstick for everyday use! If you're looking for a new lipstick go for this range! 

Based on Marilyn Monroe there is a range if red shades to choose from and one to suit all lip types. 
It also smells of cherry, so that's a win for me! 

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon blush

So, I had a few Boots points build up over the festive season, and was saving them up for something a little bit special, when this week I spotted this gorgeous new Chanel blusher, called Sunkissed Ribbon - Blush harmony.

The blush is made up of different pink shades, as well as an orange and tan stripe. As soon as I spotted it in the previews, I knew I wanted it.

As with most Chanel compacts, it comes with a cute brush, with soft bristles, all inside a velvet pouch, perfect to protect the blush!

There is also a scent to the Harmonie De Blush compact,  a rose and floral fragrance wafts towards my nose when opening the Sunkissed Ribbon compact, which makes opening my new Chanel even more delightful.

I admit, it is a little TOO pretty to use, but I will definitely get stuck in there, just to have a different tone on my cheeks, as I love to mixed it up weekly.

I love getting a different Chanel compact each year, last year I got the Lumiere D'Ete - Illuminating powder, which is a gorgeous compact of bronzer, in the shape of a flower. So beautiful, and untouched, until this week! I sadly missed out on the Spring edition Camelia Rose. 

However, i did grab the Les Beiges - Healthy Glow Multi Colour in summer, which is a lot more plain than the other limited editions, but one which i can use daily, as it isn't as pretty! Ha! 

I think I will start a collection of these, as I love seeing Bristish Beauty Blogger 's Instagram throw backs of them all! And let's be honest, I Just LOVE Chanel! :)

This Sunkissed Ribbon compact is £44 and available at Boots here  now! :)

New Loreal Elvive

Loreal have a new range out under their Elvive brand, which is a blend of clay. I know it sounds odd, but it is formulated to help with ouly roots. Perfect for my head, as after 2 days my hair is a grease ball! 

The tub in centre is a mask, which helps nouroshe and restore health into hair again. This is to be put on 10-15 mins before hair washing commences, which lets be honest is annoying, but i mess around a lot and probably waste 15 mons before getting into the shower as i fona things to tidy or remember to suddenly do something. Yeah, it drives my family mad, but helps with the mask situation! 

I then used the shampoo& contioner, which both amell lovely and after drying my hair it was full of volume and bounce! Such a great range! 

Here is me just after a hair dry! 
 A little crazy with the bounce but i love the feeling of colume! I soo recommend these Loreal products! Even my friends who used them are saying the same! :)