Friday, 22 January 2016

I am back

I know people do this all the time, drop off the face of the earth never to blog again. However, i've taken a month and now i am back blogging. 
Over Christmas i had some (all of the) drinks and got a little worse for wear, to say the least. I chilled out and enjoyed my holiday. 
I used up all my Lush bathbombs in that chill out process, so a blog on that to come soon! 
Then back at work i took over the social media, marketing and some other admin ON TOP OF my accounts job. Like thhat's a lot and on an evening i just sit like a vegitable. Don't get me wrong though, i LOVE IT! So much to do and the variety of it makes it so much fun. A little insight that i don't usually blog about, so check out my work on @highgatebeds social media accounts!
As you probably saw in November, i passes my driving test and so i went on my forst outing in my Mums car! We went to a local shop, which sells cheap Topshop clothes. They used to have a stall on our market, but changed a year or so ago, and i was gutted as i couldn't het to the new shop when it moved! Now, i shall be there heading there all the time! I got the leather bag i wantes for £20, and it should be £65! Plus two other ones including the fold over large clutch suede should be £37, got it for £14! Plus a cute glittery top for £6, which is £14 in store! 
Now, i am queuing posta for the next few days, and i shall make time to keep it going daily! I have so much to get theough, like all my Christmas beauty gifts and new skin or haircare rountines, so stick with me and i will get through it all! Thank you so much for reading and being a follower in the past year! :)

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